Most Delicious Eats In Ho Chi Minh

One of the best reasons to visit Vietnam is its vast selection of delicious bites. Yes, the country is brimming with mouthwatering delights that don’t just taste unique but are healthful, too! And a lot of them can be found in the cosmopolitan city of Ho Chi Minh.   



Bánh Mì

Banh Mi Delicacy in Ho Chi Minh City
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Vietnam’s unique take on a sandwich. It is a delicious sandwich made with a crusty baguette sliced in half that is stuffed with a cornucopia of fresh ingredients and sauces like luncheon meat, pork, mayonnaise, carrot pickles, Vietnamese radish, cilantro, and cucumber among others. When walking the streets of Vietnam, you’re bound to run into a dozen peddlers selling this sandwich. It’s interesting to try them from different places because different establishments often have different spins on this amazing snack.




Best Pho in Ho Chi Minh
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The Pho is Vietnam’s own twist to the classic noodle soup. This dish is a combination of broth and rice noodles prepared with either chicken or beef.

The noodles are flash boiled until they become soft and are topped with your chosen meat sprinkled with green and sweet onions. You can also customize your soup by using fresh herbs such as mint and sawtooth and chili sauce in your table. 



Goi Cuon

Vietnamese Spring Roll
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The Goi Cuon is a popular Vietnamese spring roll. The rolls are made of pork, basil, shrimp, and lettuce, which are all wrapped in translucent rice paper. The flavor of this meal is so subtle that you’ll have to dip it in a hoisin-based sauce mixed with crushed chili and peanuts to enhance its flavor. 



Bun Mam

Bun Mam
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The dish is a noodle soup that uses fermented fish broth as the base. The meat used is seafood and pork belly, while the soup itself tastes a bit sweet. It is filled with meat, fish, and thick rice noodles to balance out the flavors. 



Ready for your Vietnam food trip? You might want to sign up for a cooking class, too, so you can replicate your favorite Vietnamese food when you return home!


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