Activities Thrill-Seekers Should Try In Singapore

Don’t let its size fool you. Singapore is a city packed full of fun and exciting adventures. And when it comes to adrenaline-fueled activities, Singapore has tons to offer. From daytime delights to things to do in Singapore at night, here’s what thrill-seekers should check out.




Sentosa Zip Line
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Just a few hours spent in Sentosa can fill your day with so many thrills. The island resort is full of all kinds of attractions that are bound to get your heart pumping.

For a few hours, experience everything Mega Adventure Park has to offer. Perfect for people who love the outdoors, this giant park offers numerous exhilarating activities. Feel the rush of speed as you glide over 450 meters of the island’s gorgeous tropical views. If you’re up for something a little more physically challenging, gear up and scale the rock wall. The park also offers visitors the chance to go through a treetop rope course chocked full of obstacles. And for the ultimate thrill, experience a 15-meter simulated freefall jump.


Bungee Jumping At Siloso Beach
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Dizzying heights can offer a super thrilling experience; and if you’re not afraid of staring hundreds of meters down to the ground, AJ Hackett Sentosa is the best spot to try bungee jumping over the view of Siloso Beach. Be sure to also check out their vertical skywalk and giant swing if you’re feeling extra brave.

If heights aren’t your thing, you can also head on over to nearby iFly to experience indoor skydiving. Simulated in a vertical wind tunnel, adventurers can feel the rush of air without having to fly thousands of meters up into the sky or have the need to pack a parachute.


Sky Dive At iFly Sentosa
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And if you want more excitement, be sure to drop by Universal Studios and ride Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cyclon. This attraction is actually made up of two roller coasters. Both rides happen simultaneously, mimicking a battle between two different factions.

At night, be sure to check out Skyline Luge and race with friends and family in this high-speed driving experience. Drivers can choose from four different downhill trails and zoom down the tracks surrounded by Sentosa’s rainforest. Be sure to check it out at night, too, as the tracks are lit up with special effects.



Pulau Ujong/Mainland Singapore

You don’t have to leave the main island to get your thrills. There are so many activities to do in Singapore that you can try and experience along with friends and family.


Clark Quay Extreme Swing
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At Clarke Quay, tourists and locals alike are usually indulging in Singapore’s vibrant night scene. Bars, clubs, and restaurants line the riverwalk but there’s also something here that thrill-seekers will love. Get ready to catapult yourself into the air at the GX-5 Extreme Swing and the GMAX Reverse Bungee. See the beautiful Singapore skyline as you swing through the air going over 100kph.


Nerf Action Xperience
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All over the island, groups can also find some team-based excitement. Singapore is packed with paintball parks, laser tag arenas, and VR arcades for people who want to play with friends. But for a truly unique experience, be sure to play at the Nerf Action Xperience (NAX). Armed with Nerf guns, the arena has multiple zones and activities for Nerf-lovers.


Singapore Grand Prix
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Finally, if you time your trip right, you can witness the true rush of adrenaline through the Singapore Grand Prix. Usually held in September, viewers can witness the city’s streets turn into one large circuit for racers to speed through. Keep an eye out for tickets and grab them quickly if you want seats to this energizing event.



Next time you’re planning a trip that will get your heartbeat racing, make sure to fit one or more of these exciting activities in Singapore into your to-do list.



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