Kaohsiung Has A Must-Visit Greek-themed Amusement Park

We all want to visit dreamy destinations like Greece. But it may be too far or costly for some. If you live in Southeast Asia, though, the E-DA Theme Park in Kaohsiung provides a closer and more affordable alternative to experience Greece. Here’s a quick look into the park:




The Acropolis was built based on an ancient Greek sanctuary known to many as the theatre. This theatre caters to many functions. It hosts a national-class performing stage that can seat over 1800 guests. The seats of the theatre are high-class to give the guests the feeling of luxury and to match the grandeur of the performance. 

Guests who wish to enter the establishment must first purchase a ticket to be allowed inside. The venue only hosts the best performers for some of the most daring and dramatic performances that cater to both local and international audiences.   



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Santorini Mountain City

Imagine basking in the romantic atmosphere of an Aegean Sea village. Relax at the calming blue and white color scheme found in real Greece cities.  

This sky castle is full of various Greek Themed Restaurants where you can savor an authentic Greek-style feast. Souvenirs are also plentiful for those looking to buy gifts for their loved ones. When you’re done feasting, walk the streets of this amazing recreation of Greece in one of Taiwan’s most beautiful cities Kaohsiung.  



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Trojan Castle

Travel back in time and visit the iconic Trojan Castle. The location is famous for being besieged by the Trojan War Horse in ancient times. These days the castle has been recreated as the largest indoor amusement park in Taiwan. At 50,000 square feet, you’ll have a brand new world to explore without being at the mercy of the skies because the weather will always be great. 

One of the main attractions found in this castle is the VR or Virtual Reality simulators you can play. One game is a battle experience you and your friends can enjoy with a 360-degree panorama vision world.

The other attraction is the flight simulator, also known as Flying Over Formosa. This experience will have you fly over Taiwan’s most beautiful sights to allow you to see the country’s true beauty in one trip. 

Trojan Castle has something for everybody, which is why you should hurry up and get your tickets. 



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E-DA Ferris Wheel

This Ferris wheel is the tallest of its kind in Taiwan. It stands 230 meters above sea level and gives guests a great vantage point to preview all the locations they may want to visit. The cabins are all air-conditioned for comfort as you watch the amazing light show made with 128 unique lights and giving you the best view of the vibrant Kaohsiung City and Ping Tung County. This ride is enjoyable for people of all ages and is best done with the entire family for great pictures and a memorable experience. 


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