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6 Tips To Stay Sane While Planning Your Family’s Dream Vacation

Family trips aren’t always sunshine and rainbows, especially if you’re the one planning it. In fact, the stress of vacation planning, coordinating, and juggling different demands may occasionally make you want to pull your hair out. 

Nevertheless, it’s a small price to pay to travel and bond with the people you love the most in a beautiful destination. Here are some tips on how to plan a vacation with the family without losing your mind.



Establish The Family Vacation Budget Early

Before doing most of the planning, get everyone to agree on a budget. Based on the budget, you can narrow down options on the destination, accommodation, transportation, activities, and other details. It’s especially important when the trip includes a large group of people with different spending capabilities.

By deciding how much you’re willing to spend early in the planning process, you save time and only explore options that are within the family budget. It’s also a good way to avoid disagreements on spending down the line.



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Pick A Destination With Activities For Everyone

A vacation is supposed to be enjoyable for everyone, so make sure your chosen destination is somewhere all your family members will enjoy visiting. One family member may enjoy thrilling outdoor activities, while another prefers temples and historical landmarks.

It may be tough, but take the time to find the perfect destination with something for each traveler in your group. With its enticing blend of water sports, tranquil landscapes, and beautiful temples, Bali may be a good option. Family cruises may also be a great option with plenty of amenities and recreational activities aboard a cruise ship. 

List down a few potential travel destinations and send out a survey to the family to see which one the majority prefers.



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Prepare For Each Family Member’s Quirks

Growing up around your family means you know them extremely well by now. Not only are you aware of what makes each of them happy, but you also know what makes them cranky or tired or angry. Use this knowledge to plan a smooth-sailing family vacation. If you know that grandpa needs a nap in the afternoon, set aside time for rest in the itinerary. If you’re aware of your children’s penchant for getting “hangry,” make sure you always have emergency snacks on hand in case the meals get delayed.

Keeping everyone’s temperament in mind may not prevent all conflict, but it will definitely help!



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Avoid Overloading The Itinerary

While you may be fine barreling through tourist spots at breakneck speed, other family members may prefer a more leisurely vacation. Don’t fill the itinerary with too many activities that might end up tiring everyone out, especially if there are children and elderly people in your party. 

Plan just one group activity per day for everyone, then maybe a second one that each individual can opt-in and out of. Let your family—and yourself—relax during this vacation, instead of getting stressed with non-stop sightseeing. 



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Give Each Other Space On Vacation

It may be tempting to cram everyone in one or two rooms during cheap family vacations, but it can ultimately be suffocating being in close quarters with each other 24/7. If it’s possible, book a comfortable number of rooms for the whole family.

Feel free to explore on your own for a few hours or so if you get the urge for some alone time. If you’re on a road trip or staying in an RV, make sure you stop regularly to prevent cabin fever. 

While a family vacation may be all about bonding, it doesn’t mean that everyone should be attached at the hip. Focus on the quality of bonding and foster meaningful conversations with family members when you’re spending time together.



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Consult The Family And Ask For Help

Remember, you’re not alone in the family! Run your choices by the rest of the family to make sure everyone is on board and to see if they have other suggestions. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, whether it’s for booking a hotel, finding tours, or even just making a road trip playlist.



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