Must-Do Activities For Animal Lovers Visiting Australia

The land down under is home to many unique animals. The country’s diverse ecosystems provide a wonderful opportunity for animal lovers to encounter all kinds of species. If you’re looking for a chance to discover the wonders of Australia’s biodiversity, here are some activities worth trying around the country.



Western Australia: Diving & Selfies

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As the largest state in Australia, Western Australia offers plenty of ways for wildlife lovers to encounter animals throughout the region. But visitors should definitely take advantage of the spectacular marine species found along the coasts.

Depending on the season, tourists can swim with whale sharks or watch humpback whales as they take a cruise near Augusta. For avid divers and snorkelers, Rowley Shoals is a must-see location. But be sure to book your trip early since it’s only open to divers for a few months every year.

If cute animals are more of your thing, be sure to stop by Rottnest Island which is just off the coast from Perth. Here you’ll find fur seal colonies and the Instagram-famous marsupials known as quokkas. While these animals tend to be friendly around humans, remember to respect their space and keep in mind that they are wild animals under conservation. But do get a selfie if one happens to be nearby!



South Australia & Victoria: Seal Watching & Penguin Parades

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The southern states of Australia are homes for hundreds of animal species and there are so many ways to see them in their natural habitats.

If you’re in Adelaide, consider a day trip out to Kangaroo Island and explore Flinders Chase National Park. The park hosts several endangered species but you can also spot Australia’s famous koalas and kangaroos. Don’t forget to also take a trip to the park’s unique rock formations overlooking the ocean and try to spot fur seals basking on the ground below.

For visitors close to Melbourne, book a trip to Phillip Island to see Australia’s largest fur seal colony. Recent years have also seen an increase in whale sightings in the area during the migration season. But the highlight of a trip to Phillip Island is the chance to see the Penguin Parade where you can witness little penguins, the smallest penguin species in the world, waddle up the shore of the island.



Tasmania: Feed the Animals

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Any animal lover visiting Tasmania has to see the state’s famous Tasmanian Devil. And Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect place to visit. This park offers guided tours to educate visitors about wildlife and allows visitors to feed some of their animal friends.



New South Wales: Encounter Reptiles & Koalas

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There’s no need to travel too far from Sydney to see Australia’s biodiversity. A trip to Featherdale Wildlife Park can show you all kinds of flora and fauna from around the country within the span of a few hours. Walk around the park and get an up-close and personal encounter with some of its inhabitants and learn about nature from the knowledgeable staff.



Queensland: Travel in the Dark

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Travel to the Gold Coast and take a trip up Tamborine Mountain. This peak hosts a number of nocturnal species that visitors can glimpse as they trek through the peak in the evening with flashlights. But make sure to turn the lights off when you enter the glow worm cave so you can marvel at the beauty of bioluminescence that lights the cavern’s walls. It’s like seeing stars shining right in front of your eyes!

Whether you want to take cute selfies with adorable marsupials or learn about the endemic species of Australia, there are many things to do for animal-lovers all around the country. Have your camera ready and your mind open to all the possibilities.



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