Winter in South Korea: Survival Tips for The First Timer

Ice-kissed wind, balls of snow to throw at your friends, and cloudy white hills where you can slide down and play – there are so many reasons to be excited about being in South Korea during winter

However, as temperatures plunge between the months of December and February, you may realize that a lot of situations and places are not familiar to you if it is your first time to experience the chilly weather in the country. Whether you are a first-timer or used to tropical adventures, here’s how you can survive winter in Korea:



Wear Layers of Clothing

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You can’t trudge through the snow wearing your casual clothes and shoes. Keep yourself warm by wearing winter hats and heavy coats. You may want to look for thermal innerwear, like leggings, vests, and camisoles. This type of clothing is light and uses moisture from your body to produce heat. You might also want to invest in a long puffy jacket. For the bottom, opt for fleece pants to keep you comfortable and warm at the same time. It’s also important to cover your neck, ears, and hands. Wear earmuffs, face masks, beanies, gloves, and scarves. 

For your feet, a good, sturdy pair of boots is recommended. These will not only keep your feet warm but also help you walk on slippery terrain. 



Turn on Your Floor Heating 

Many Korean homes have floor heating systems. You will find a remote control mounted onto the wall. Turn on the boiler, which runs on gas, and if it stays on long enough, it could keep the whole house warm. Other great inventions you can check out are fan heater and even an electric blanket. 



Carry Some Heat Packs

You can buy heat packs at many convenience stores. Heat packs can be as hot as 100 degrees Celsius, so you have to be careful. You can place them in your pocket to keep your hands warm or use them to preheat your shoes or gloves. Heat packs are cloth-like packs stuffed with minerals.



Know the Things You Can Do in Korea During Winter

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Wind chills and icy conditions may be harmful, so it’s important that you plan your itinerary and evaluate which activities you can enjoy while staying safe and warm. Here are some of the highly recommended winter activities in Korea:

  • Take a skiing lesson at Eden Valley Ski Resort. Go sledding or snowboarding and see Gamcheon Culture Village afterwards. Book your slot for this one-of-a-kind adventure here.
  • Ride a scenic cable car and view the snow-covered scenery on Nami Island. Book this icy experience here.
  • Enjoy exhilarating rides at Everland, Korea’s largest theme park, and the ski lift ride through Jisan Forest Ski Resort. Book your day tour here.
  • View snow-capped mountains from a cable ride at the Seoraksan National Park. Reserve your day tour here
  • Go ice fishing during the Hwacheon Ice Fishing Festival and even cook your own fish. Book this exciting winter activity here.



Savor the Best Korean Winter Soup Dishes to Keep You Warm

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Treat yourself to Korean soup dishes which you can order in restaurants or food stalls. Have a bowl of Haejang-guk, also known as hangover soup. Haejang-guk refers any guk or soup that can be used as hangover cure. It typically has Napa cabbage, vegetables, and meat. From soybean sprout soup to spicy beef soup, Korean soups will satisfy your hot meal cravings and warm yourself during the chilliest period of the year.



*Featured image by ksa61011 on Pixabay