6 Things You Should Know Before Taking Sydney’s Harbour Bridge Climb

It’s an every day “bridge” to the locals and the main thoroughfare of the city. But for tourists who love getting an adrenaline rush, the Sydney Harbour Bridge represents an exhilarating adventure that is worth the thrill of every step. So if you’re up for the physical challenge of the climb and the reward of a boundless panoramic view of the Sydney skyline, read up on the basics before you book your Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb experience on KKday!



The Man Behind the Bridge

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We owe John Bradfield’s ingenious mind for the inception of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1912. With some turn of events, the original design that Bradfield came up with was changed to the arch bridge we now have. The arch design proved to be more economical and capable of handling heavier loads. World War I delayed the bridge’s construction, and so construction began only in 1924 until the official opening year in 1932.   

The bridge is a commonplace thing in Sydney because it serves as a primary transportation link between Sydney and its suburbs. The Sydney Harbour Bridge takes pride as one of the longest steel arch bridges in the world, spanning 1,650 feet in length, with an arch span of 440 feet. 

The Sydney Harbour Bridge has become a quintessential Sydney icon and a tourist destination. It also trumps all the other famous bridges as the most-climbed bridge in the world. 



It’s Physically Demanding

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Reaching the peak of the bridge and seeing the great skyline is your ultimate reward after a riveting 3.5 hour-climb. So prepare yourself for the task, which takes around 1,332 steps to the summit. Then revel in the most spectacular 360-degree view of Sydney, including the Opera House, the ferries docking at Circular Quay, the bright sunrise, or the colorful sunset. Whichever direction you choose to look, you get nothing but picture-perfect vistas for your memories.



The Climb Preps

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Booking the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb via KKday provides everything you need for the climb itself, including the preparation, equipment, and your own guide. So put your hesitations and fears to rest because you’ll be in good hands.

Gear up well for your climb and wear comfortable clothes. Support your feet by wearing closed shoes like running, sports, or hiking shoes. Shade those eyes from the sun so that you can see your steps and the view well. And if you have a bag or any belongings with you, you’ll be asked to store them in a locker in the facility before the climb.



Check Your Health

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Your safety is of utmost importance which is why Bridge Climb Sydney would have you submit a Certificate of Fitness if you’re pregnant, 75 years old and over, or if you have any pre-existing health conditions. Moreover, your blood-alcohol level must be below 0.05 in order to climb. You will sign a Bridge Declaration Form before the climb. So please be honest with your health. Your well-being, above everything else, is the main concern. Lastly, children aged 8-15 years-old should be accompanied by an adult and are the responsibility of the adults.



Weather in Sydney 

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Whatever the weather in Sydney, the climb will operate. However, if the weather becomes extreme, say an intense thunderstorm or extremely strong winds are in the forecast, climbs may be postponed.



Choose Your Time of Adventure

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Choose your time of adventure in the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. You want to be at your best self when you make that assault. There are three schedules to choose from. 



Embrace a new day and welcome sunrise with open arms. While everyone else is still asleep, you’re already on a roll and breathing in the new air of the day.



By this time, the sun is shining proudly over the horizon so the azure color of the harbor, the lush greenery of lands, and the stark white of the Sydney Opera House all complement in a dazzling display of sights. The cruise ships sailing across the blue waters and busy cars drumming along under your feet all create the perfect sounds in your backdrop as you take that perfect Instagram shot of your great feat achievement.



Who doesn’t love the red, orange, and all other hues that the sunset brings forth? And to be standing on the summit to witness this spectacular splash of colors is a moment you can stand in awe and pure amazement at the beauty of the world.



See the sky in its blanket full of stars with the light of the moon casting a golden yellow glow across the horizon. Equipped with a headlamp, your climb leader will safely guide you along the steel arches for you to witness this romantic time of the day. 



The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb is not just for the daredevils, but it is also for anyone who has a daring spirit to conquer fear and to enjoy every step of the journey to the top. 



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