Awesome Activities in Taiwan for Adrenaline Junkies

Because life’s too short to live in worry and fear, step out of your comfort zone and try a new experience whenever you can. Who knows? You might actually end up loving something that you once disliked or feared! And if you’re headed to Taiwan anytime soon, keep reading as we dare you to try three adrenaline-pumping activities you can try on the island!



Taiwan Nantou Paragliding Experience

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Soar high up in the sky. Drift through the clouds and let the wind blow through your whole body as you glide your way over the blue skyline of Nantou Puli. Sounds exciting? Well, it is!

Before you take flight on your ‘chute, you will be taking a crash course on paragliding with a professional coach, who will then be strapped securely with you to guide you all throughout your flight. If you’re up for a more daring experience, try doing the mid-air rollercoaster and feel every tumble and turn while in mid-air. You can scream at the top of your lungs. Just don’t forget to smile for the camera as you document this unforgettable moment of yours.



Tubing Experience in Nanao Yilan   

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Get wet and wild while coursing through the Nanao South River in Nanao, Yilan. Explore Nanao Yilan’s off-beaten path by joining a three-hour tubing experience via the Nanao South River. Fall in love with the picturesque landscape that Nanao Yilan has been blessed with while taking photos and videos of your tubing ride. Rest assured that you’ll be given basic training with instructors, who will also accompany you in this adventure.  



Experience Skin Diving at Houbihu, Kenting

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Longing to be one with the sea and the wonderful creatures living in it? You might even find Nemo or Dory as you swim through the underwater world of Kenting.

Prepare your fins and experience skin diving at Houbihu, Kenting even if you do not know how to swim. Yes, you read that right. If you’ve never swum before, don’t worry! You can enjoy this activity, too! Even without any swimming lessons, you can be one with all the colorful sea creatures as you embark on a two-hour swim to check out the living corals, urchins, and all the tropical fish you could ever dream of meeting. 


If your feet just itch all the time to get on an adventure of a lifetime, then you better book your next tour with KKday to feel the thrill that will give adrenaline junkies a different kind of high. 



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