LAMBANA: Walking Through A Different Kind Of Fantasy

What if we tell you that you could step into another world where much talked about Philippine mythical creatures are not just by-products of local folklore but a reality? Would you take the dare and come face to face with fantastical creatures like the duwende (dwarf) and sirena (mermaid) or just shrug off the opportunity?


Enter LAMBANA—the first and ongoing production of immersive experience company Tipsy Tales at Eastwood Mall in Quezon City that invites you to the whimsical realm of Filipino mythical creatures.


via Tipsy Tales


Here, you are in control of your own adventure. Starting from your grandmother’s sitting room, you will be transported to the fictional and dark world of Lambana, a magical forest where you’ll be treated to a multi-sensory extravaganza—from potions that you have to drink to neon settings that will leave you mesmerized. 


via Tipsy Tales


As you traverse Lambana, you’ll encounter characters that will make your story a tad lot more interesting. That said, no two experiences are ever the same in this immersive attraction, which makes it all the more exciting.


via Tipsy Tales


Ready for your journey through Lambana? Here are some things you should know before your visit:

  • The entire experience lasts for 75 minutes and is offered in both English and Filipino (Tagalog). 
  • While Lambana features some well-feared characters from Filipino folklore, the attraction is not meant to terrify guests—it is not your typical horror house.
  • Children below 12 years old can try this experience only if they are accompanied by an adult. 
  • You’ll find Lambana on the 4th floor of Eastwood Mall in Quezon City.
  • If you are coming with a large group, take note that this attraction can accommodate up to 15 people only. 
  • A ticket to Lambana costs PhP 2,000 on the average, but if you book yours on KKday, you can enjoy the experience for as low as PhP 1,199!


What are you waiting for? Buy your tickets to Lambana here today!



*Featured image courtesy of Tipsy Tales