Parks In Taipei To Take A Breather From The City Life

A trip to Taipei comes with all kinds of fun and excitement. The city is full of history and culture as well as numerous sights and activities for travelers. But after a while, city life could start to feel a little overwhelming. Fortunately, Taipei is also home to many parks and gardens to help people relax and take a break from the rushing hustle and bustle of urban living.



Taipei Botanical Garden

via Pixabay

Prepare to enjoy the beauty of Taiwan’s plants at the Taipei Botanical Garden. Originally established to study natural sciences, the garden is now open for the public to stroll through and marvel at. There are over a thousand species of plants, separated into 17 smaller areas to exhibit different types of plant life. Located in the heart of the city, the garden is easily accessible via Taipei’s public transportation and close to many other points of interest. After exploring the gardens, head over to the National Museum of History to learn more about Taiwan’s past or drop by Nanjichang Night Market in the evening to grab a bite to eat.



Daan Forest Park

Lord Koxinga via Wikimedia Commons

To experience more of Taipei’s great parks, head over to Daan Forest Park. Often called “Taipei’s Central Park,” this park is over 25 hectares and is a favorite among local residents. The park has several paths for people who enjoy a long walk and another path looping around its perimeter for joggers. There are ponds and pavilions to provide excellent views and a playground for children to play. During the summer, Daan Forest Park hosts all kinds of events featuring some of Taiwan’s big names. And if you crave a cup of coffee or tea after roaming the park, dozens of cozy cafes surround the area.



Dajia Riverside Park

玄史生 via Wikimedia Commons

With the rivers cutting through Taipei, many of the city’s parks are also located by the water. A number of riverside parks offer guests a chance to rest on the grass as they sit by the river or take a casual stroll along the lengthy paths. Some riverside parks even provide bicycle rentals for those interested in cycling for the day. The Dajia Riverside Park is one of the bigger ones in the city and provides lots of space to enjoy outdoor activities. During the summer, park-goers can also enjoy concerts and other events. Remember to bring an umbrella or canopy if you plan to visit, though. The riverside parks have lots of grassy space but not a lot of shade from trees.



Huashan 1914 Creative Park

via 華山1914文化創意產業園區

For a change of pace, Taipei also features a few parks that are less focused on nature but instead highlight the city’s thriving art culture. Get a feel for it by visiting Huashan 1914 Creative Park where art exhibits and cultural events are hosted in the quirky, artful space. Take your time visiting the galleries and art installations and learn more about Taiwan’s contemporary artists. A few shops also sell local crafts and artworks that make for great gifts and souvenirs.



Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

via Taiwan Tourism Bureau

If you have more time to explore, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park is a bigger version of Huashan 1914. The area started out as a tobacco factory and has turned into an artistic cultural hub within Taipei. Browse through an assortment of galleries and shops and take a tour through the Taiwan Design Museum to see works by local and international artists. Again, this creative park is a wonderful opportunity to purchase something special to remind you of your trip to the city of Taipei.



So when you feel the need for a getaway from the busy city, there’s no need to leave it altogether. Remember that Taipei has a few hidden spots where you can find peace and calm. From natural sceneries to cultural centers, there’s something for everyone to discover and enjoy.



*Featured image via Pixabay