Best Dating Spots In Seoul

For couples looking to experience culture, excitement, and romance, Seoul is the perfect destination for a date in South Korea. The city offers so many unique and wonderful experiences to encourage bonding and create many special memories that couples can look back on. Seoul offers the fun and exciting buzz of a metropolitan city while also provides various escapes to quiet, hidden getaways.



See the View from Lotte World Tower


Take in the beauty and marvels of Seoul from above. With a 360-degree view of the city, Lotte World Tower is one of the most popular places in South Korea for people to take pictures of the sprawling city below. It’s also a great spot for couples due to the romantic sight the city offers at night. While the building hosts a few restaurants and a food court, couples looking for a breathtaking view of the city in a quiet, romantic atmosphere can make reservations for dinner at the 123 Lounge located on the tower’s top floor.



Explore the City

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While Seoul is full of towering skyscrapers and busy streets, the city still has many places for couples to enjoy a peaceful time together. Some places not only offer quiet but also many beautiful scenic spots. Naksan Park is a popular area for couples to enjoy a long, romantic walk both during the day and at night. When evening settles, the city lights up and provides a lovely background for photos. Professional photography services are even available to capture the perfect moment.

If one place isn’t enough, Seoul has a variety of places that can create an intimate evening for people in love. Couples can book a private tour for the evening to see various local spots and learn more about the history and culture that makes Seoul what it is.

Of course, exploring the city together as a couple can present many unexpected and wonderful experiences. A scheduled photoshoot can guarantee more chances to focus on each other instead of posing for the camera.



Read at Starfield Library


Couples looking for a fun place to shop can check out Starfield COEX Mall. It’s the largest underground shopping mall in the world located in Seoul’s Gangnam district. It’s a great place to go shopping, catch a movie, and even see aquatic life in the COEX Aquarium—one of the largest in South Korea. And while the mall provides tons of shops and activities for couples to do, it also offers the perfect spot to take a break and relax together. The Starfield Library is home to thousands of books, and it’s a nice area for couples to unwind by sharing a book and reading on one of the sofas or nooks available for the public.



Cook and Eat Together

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Couples can enjoy a fun bonding experience by learning how to cook various Korean dishes from professionals. Korean cuisine offers a wide variety of flavors that attract food lovers from around the world. Plus the experience can be brought back home and shared with friends and family in the kitchen.



Cruise by the City

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Nothing says romance like a cruise. Luckily, Seoul’s Han River presents numerous opportunities to catch a boat and sail along the waters. Those looking for a cruise on the Han River can see numerous sights around the city while enjoying a leisurely lunch or spend the evening dancing away on the deck as live bands provide entertainment.



Whatever romantic getaway it is, Seoul is sure to offer unparalleled experiences to visiting couples. And even those who have no set plans are sure to find something to capture the love and experience that only South Korea’s largest city can offer.



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