Most Magical Winter Illuminations Around the World

Every year, winter comes and brings the sparkling tradition of putting up Christmas lights and holiday displays. It’s also a chance for travelers to go out and see the bright exhibits cities set up for people to enjoy. If you’re planning to do some wintertime traveling, here are some places where you can see the many vibrant lights of the world.


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Take a stroll through a brilliant winter wonderland at Ansan Starlight Village located in South Korea. The bright and colorful displays vary as the seasons change, but the romantic atmosphere can be enjoyed by couples all year-round. While waiting for night to fall to visit the village, visitors can enjoy surrounding attractions like Beartree Park and the Uiwang Rail Bike.

For people looking for a bit more thrill during their Christmas holiday, Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in Vancouver, Canada hosts the Canyon Lights every year. Brave visitors can walk on the bridge suspended 70 meters up and spanning the canyon. The bridge itself as well as surrounding trees and buildings are covered in cheerful holiday light and offer a spectacular view of the illuminated waters rushing below.


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Travelers who love the snow and the illuminations of Japan need to take a trip up to Sapporo. Located a few hours outside the city, Lake Shikotsu’s yearly Ice Festival features numerous sculptures and structures made from snow. At night, the area is lit up with colorful lights for visitors to enjoy. Take a day trip to the lake, but be sure to wear warm clothes to last until the evening.

Another way to enjoy the holiday in Japan is to visit the traditional village of Miyama located in the mountains of Kyoto. This small village lights up its kayabuki cottages and walkways for a few days in the winter to allow visitors to experience a quiet and relaxing winter away from the fast-paced life in Japan’s cities. Stalls dot the streets and offer a taste of local cuisine and products by Miyama’s farmers.


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What started as a project to clean up the Medellín River in the 1990s has turned into one of the most stunning light displays in the world. Located in Colombia, Medellín attracts thousands of visitors every year who come to the event. The theme changes annually, chosen by the riverside residents, and reflects the traditions and creativity of the city.

Just a bridge away from Manhattan Island in New York, LuminoCity Festival adds even more color and lights to NYC’s festive holiday experience. Folks who love sweets and whimsy will find this light festival full of installations and interactive displays a must-see attraction. Aside from photo-worthy lights and sculptures, visitors can also enjoy a bit of shopping at the night market and watch street performers throughout the festival.


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Prepare to experience Christmas unlike anything else. For over a century, Tivoli Gardens theme park in Copenhagen, Denmark has given visitors the perfect backdrop for their winter holiday. Wooden houses decked in holiday decorations and shimmering light displays are sure to delight anyone who loves the spirit of Christmas. A Christmas market also opens to sell not just food and drinks but also crafts and decorations for people to take home.


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Whether you’re looking to be bedazzled by numerous displays of light or hoping for a relaxing winter moment lit by lanterns, there are many opportunities to see the world and what it has to offer travelers during the holiday. Don’t forget to pack some winter coats and see the brightness throughout the world. And once you’ve enjoyed the holiday chill up north, there’s also the warmer parts of the world to explore!


*Featured image by Mark S Jobling via Wikimedia Commons