4 Reasons Why Having Your Own Travel SIM Card is the Best Way to Get Around South Korea

When traveling abroad, staying connected with your travel companions and relatives in your home country is important. Likewise, you need data in order to upload your Insta-worthy vacay photos. This is why a travel SIM card is a must-have item in your travel essentials list for your trip to South Korea. 



How to Get a SIM Card in South Korea?

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You can buy local prepaid SIM cards from CVS or any 7-11 store in South Korea. However, it’s quite difficult to set up a local prepaid Korea SIM card, as it can take up to three working days for it to be approved and activated. So it’s best to get one from an official store and have your SIM card registered. 

A more practical solution is to get a travel SIM card. KKday offers a good selection of travel SIM cards you can use in South Korea for your convenience. The entire country is known for having the fastest internet speed in the world, so getting connected is not a problem. Really now, having your own travel SIM card is the best way to get around South Korea. With a travel SIM card neatly tucked in your mobile phone, you get the following perks.



Instant Connectivity

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Because a travel SIM card is suitable for any phone model, you can get excellent connectivity and data all over South Korea with 4G speed in Seoul, Busan, Incheon, Gyeongju, and everywhere else. In addition, you won’t have to connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots, which may cause security issues. Just put the SIM card in your phone then swipe your way into your social media accounts and messaging apps like Whatsapp, Wechat, Viber, etc. Never lose a second to be in touch with your friends and relatives in your home country because you can also make calls and send text messages of your whereabouts in South Korea.



Easy To Bring

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Because the travel SIM card is in your phone, you won’t have to carry an extra device, say a portable Wi-Fi, with you to stay online as you navigate your way around South Korea. All you need is your phone and you’re good to go!



Huge Savings

You won’t break the bank when you avail of a travel SIM card because you pay for it beforehand compared to getting your local SIM on roaming mode. Moreover, you get to choose which package option best fits your budget and travel period. With KKday’s South Korea Unlimited 4G/LTE SIM Card, choose from a 1-day SIM card package to a 30-day package option. Then just pick up your travel SIM card from any of the major airports or transportation terminals in South Korea. 



Great Access

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You have affordable access to data to easily browse the best restos, coffee shops, shopping places, public transport timetables/stations, weather reports, and even map apps in South Korea. Because information is just right at your fingertips, you save the time of having to ask strangers for directions.



Staying in touch and communicating with your loved ones while on vacation abroad is just as important as having fun in your travel. Keep in touch and conveniently navigate your way around South Korea with the help of a travel SIM card. Get yourself a South Korea Unlimited 4G/LTE SIM Card on your next trip to the Land of the Morning Calm, South Korea.



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