Unforgettable Tours for History Buffs

Traveling is a true treat for everyone, but most especially for history buffs. Being able to visit places that have stood the test of time and have seen some of the most significant events in human civilization will always be memorable experiences for the books. So if you or your friends are passionate about history, read up as we list down seven unforgettable tours that will transport you back in time (well, kinda).



Early Morning Teotihuacan Pyramids Tour with a Private Archeologist

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Explore one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites in an early morning Teotihuacan pyramids tour with a private archeologist.

Teotihuacan—which translates to “the place where the gods were created”—is a city located 50 km northeast of modern-day Mexico. It has been abandoned for centuries, and its origin, culture, and history remains a mystery to date. Nonetheless, the pyramids are undeniably a great sight to behold and serve as the last link to its glorious past.

Prepare your legs for some power climbing up the steps of its major structures: the Pyramid of the Moon, the Pyramid of the Sun, the Ciudadela (Citadel), and the Temple of Quetzalcoatl (the Feathered Serpent). Discover how artifacts and ancient rituals were done and came to be as one of life’s greatest mysteries.     



Cairo One Day Tour with Hotel Pick-Up

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Breath in Egyptian air and feel the sand slip beneath your feet under the warm rays of the sun as you traverse your way across the sandy desert of Cairo, Egypt. Marvel at the enigmatic Sphinx that will make you wonder how its nose came off. Ride a camel while navigating your way around the pyramids at Giza then go down the Valley Temple to see the funerary complex. 

Explore the Egyptian Museum to see mummies, opulent treasures, and artifacts that show you the grandeur of the ancient past in Egypt. Then head on to the Khan el Khalili bazaar to explore some quaint merchandise you’ll find only in Cairo. The Cairo one day tour with hotel pick-up should not be struck off your bucket list as a history buff.     



Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site Tour from Munich

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Some places clouded by a grim past remind us of moments in history that we should prevent from happening ever again. That’s what the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site Tour does to you. 

Established in 1933 as the first concentration camp by the Nazis and about 16 km northwest of Munich in southern Germany, the Dachau Concentration Camp housed thousands of prisoners during World War II in Europe. Walk the hallways and grounds that incarcerated and annihilated many lives both in the camp area and the crematoria. While the place may evoke sadness and even rage, it stands as a reminder for all of us that war and cruelty are never the answer.



Barbados UNESCO Tour

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As though Barbados hasn’t blessed us enough with the existence of R&B-Pop sensation Rhianna, it’s also teeming with history and culture, that make for great tours! This island lying on the eastern region of the Carribean is awash with UNESCO World Heritage sites that will walk you through the nation’s storied past. 

Get a crash course on the country at the Barbados Museum and Historical Society, National Heroes Gallery, and the Museum of Parliament. Stop by the George Washington house, where the first President of the United States of America and his half-brother lived. Check out all these places and more when you sign up for the Barbados UNESCO tour!



Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum Tour from Krakow

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Also called Auschwitz-Birkenau, this is Nazi-Germany’s largest concentration and extermination camp situated in southern Poland. Walk the paths, halls, and rooms, where incarcerated individuals were imprisoned, enslaved, tortured, and killed. To commemorate the lives lost during this dark period in history, the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum was created to exhibit for the modern-day world the realities that World War II shaped. Take a glimpse into the horrors of World War II in Poland by booking the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum tour from Krakow.



Private Taj Mahal & Agra Tour by Express Train

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If you’re one of the hopeless romantics who believe that love conquers all, even death, then the private Taj Mahal and Agra tour by express train should not be missed. Marvel at the picturesque architecture of the immaculate ivory-white marble mausoleum of Shah Jahan’s favorite wife Mumtaz Mahal. Listed as another UNESCO World Heritage site, the Taj Mahal serves as the jewel of Muslim art in India. 




East Xi’an Day Tour: Terracotta Army Museum & Huaquing Pool

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Huang. He had a massive Terracotta Army, in life-size form, created to serve as his guard troops in the afterlife. Learn about the royal history of the many dynasties of China, especially that of Qin Shi Huang when you take the East Xi’an, Terracotta Army Museum and Huaquing Pool tour. Another UNESCO World Heritage site not to be missed by any history buff.



Traveling gifts us with the ability to escape and journey back in time to remind us of the grandeur, beauty, and even grim realities that serve as life lessons we can carry with us as we return to our home country. Get a first-hand experience of history and book one of KKday’s many history tours now! 



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