8 Easy Tips On Taking The Perfect Photo When Traveling Solo

Traveling alone doesn’t mean you have to give up on amazing pictures of yourself in beautiful locations. It only means you have to be a little bit more creative with your photography skills. Here are a few tips on how to take good pictures of yourself and the destination when you’re traveling by yourself.


Be Prepared

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When traveling, you’ll find yourself stumbling into a perfect shot once in a while, but you can’t rely on serendipitous moments for good photography. If you want to be sure of getting a great image, you have to be prepared. Research your destination ahead of time and scour for inspiration online. The chances of getting a fantastic photo are much better if you already have an idea about the photo you want and how to achieve it.



Practice Your Poses

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The best travel photos look candid, but for many people, it takes a little bit of trial and error. It’s not always cool to admit that you’ve been practicing in front of the mirror, but practice makes perfect. Knowing your best angles will not only improve your travel photos, but it will also make you more confident in front of the camera and save you plenty of precious time.



Show Up Early

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When you’re visiting the world’s top destinations, there’s bound to be hordes of tourists angling for the same shots as you. The best way to get any place to yourself is to beat the crowds there, so get up early to take your selfies and artsy pictures before too many tourists show up.



Don’t Be Afraid To Talk To Strangers

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Solo travelers may enjoy exploring the world on their own, but it doesn’t mean they’re completely isolated. Asking a stranger to take your photo is the easiest and fastest way to get a photo when traveling. Don’t worry, most people are happy to oblige if you ask nicely. 

Fellow tourists are usually the best choice when choosing who to ask to take your picture. Offer to take a picture of them first, then make your request. Before handing over your camera, make sure that all the settings are correct and all they have to do is point and shoot.



Invest In A Tripod

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If you have your own tripod, you don’t need to rely on strangers to take your picture. Instead, you’ll be able to compose and take your own shots, anytime, anywhere. It’s an excellent investment that also helps in taking better images of landscapes and in trying long exposure photography.

A gorilla pod is a lightweight and handy tripod option, while a remote shutter is also useful if you want to control when exactly to take the shot from a distance.

While a tripod is a handy tool, positioning your camera more than an arm’s length away from you is quite risky. Try taking photos early when crowds aren’t too thick and be constantly aware of your surroundings while you’re setting up your gear.



Whip Out That GoPro

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Whether you’re by yourself or with other people, a GoPro is a must-have in any adventure. The handy camera can be attached to a wide range of gear and capture action shots that other cameras aren’t capable of getting. It’s also a good camera for getting wide-angle photos of amazing landscapes. 

Better yet, use your GoPro with a selfie stick. While it may be slightly awkward in the beginning, if you want to know how to take a good selfie, the answer is a good selfie stick. It’s an easy, lightweight option to make sure you get a good shot of yourself with any backdrop.



Get A Drone

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A drone is the ultimate solo traveler’s tool, although it is quite expensive for backpackers on a budget. If you can acquire one, it’s a fantastic investment that will give you angles you can’t get with a regular camera. With a drone, photographers capture the magnificence of a stunning landscape more completely in a single photo.



Switch To Burst Mode

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Before asking someone to take your picture or you’re controlling your camera remotely, make sure the setting is on burst mode. This mode lets you take multiple photos in a short period of time, so you have more options and better chances of getting the perfect photo. 


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