Reasons To Ride The Busan Air Cruise (And Explore Its Surrounding Areas!)

Busan is a city brimming with fantastic sights that are best enjoyed from a viewing point high up! So if you’re taking a trip to this coastal city, you might want to consider taking the Busan Air Cruise, which will treat you to mesmerizing vistas you won’t find anywhere else. 


Get the Best View of Songdo

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Travel the length of the Yeongdo coastline 86 meters above sea level and take in the breathtaking scenes unfold from your glass carriage. Challenge yourself to ride the Crystal Cruise with a clear bottom for an almost boundless view of Songdo. 

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Unique Souvenirs 

When you reach the other end of the cable, attendants will ask you if you’d like to have a photo taken to create your souvenir from your short yet sweet journey on the Air Cruise. You can choose between a magnetic picture frame and a keychain—both personalized with your commemorative snapshot. 


Visit the Dinosaurs 

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Traveling with kids? Embark on a one-of-a-kind dino adventure just before you hop on the Air Cruise! Millions of years ago, Songdo was home to dinosaurs, and actual footprints and fossils were discovered here! To recreate the Cretaceous period, animatronic dinosaurs were given a home at the Sky Park.  


Explore the Skywalk

bryan… via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The skywalk is a 365-meter long set of bridges that connect Amnam Park and Songdo Beach. The bridge is made with special steel plates and wood that spans 2.3 meters. Part of the bridge’s floor is made with tempered glass to give you a good view of both the sea and beach below. Many branching paths of this attraction lead to different islands with statues and other structures perfect for those seeking adventures. 


Have Some Fun On Songdo Beach

bryan… via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Songdo Beach is the premier destination for beach lovers in Busan. Its white sand invites you to just go barefoot, sink your feet, and play all day long. Frolick in the cool waters or have a picnic by the shore. The possibilities of having fun on Songdo Beach are endless!


Enjoy the Local Cuisine

Busan boasts a plethora of unique local flavors that will delight all foodies visiting the city. Here are some of the best bites you can try on your trip.


Dwaeji Gukbap 

Colin Hui via Shutterstock

This pork bone broth is one of Busan’s most comforting dishes best enjoyed during the colder months. It’s best paired with cubed radish and kimchi. 


Ssiat Hotteok

TAEHOON AN via Shutterstock

Simply put, ssiat hotteok is a type of fried pancake with seeds as its main filling. It is made from rice dough covered in sugar and cinnamon filled with seeds such as pumpkin or sesame. 



TMON via Shutterstock

Dubbed as the quintessential Busan dish, milmyeon is a cold wheat noodle dish spiced with some chili pepper sauce on top. 

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*Featured image from KKday Supplier