Singapore Opens An Insta-Worthy Bubble Tea Museum

Just when we thought we have seen everything that can be done with bubble teafrom all kinds of toppings to flavor combinations, including wasabiSingapore takes the whole bubble tea craze a notch higher as it opens an Insta-worthy bubble tea museum for all of us boba-obsessed. 

You read that right. There’s an exhibition solely dedicated to bubble tea lovers. So if you’re planning to fly by Singapore anytime soon to visit Universal Studios or Singapore Night Safari, you might want to check out The Bubble Tea Factory. The exhibit will run from October 19, 2019 to December 18, 2019. 



Get Your Cup of Tea

The Bubble Tea Factory is composed of 10 different photo zones with a captivating theme that’ll make you strike endless poses for your Instagram feed. The tour of the said museum should last for about 45 minutes.  



The Bubble Tea Challenge

Another thrill factor in those photo zones is the bubble tea challenge. Every guest will be given a Boba Booster Pack, a set of limited edition game cards. If you’re able to collect all 10 different collectible cards, you take home a prize. The cards are perfect for anyone with a competitive spirit. Each card contains challenges like, “Take a selfie with a stranger you met at The Bubble Tea Factory.”



Take a Peek at the Factory

via The Bubble Tea Factory

Get that camera flashing for an Instagram post and take a photo of how pearls are manufactured in the production line. Those pretty purple round pastels will surely get you all giddy as you make your way deeper into the exhibit. 



A Walk in the Forest

via The Bubble Tea Factory

Now it’s time for some IG stories. Hold up your camera and create a Boomerang as you tread or dance your way across the LED flora and fauna lighting and shimmering bubble tea straws.



Blue Coral Utapioca

via The Bubble Tea Factory

Life in the bubble tea world is sure heavenly. Can you believe that tapioca actually grows on trees here in Utapioca? Moreover, those trees have superpowers. Speak into one of the trees via the straw and your friend in another tree may actually hear you. 



Wrap Zone

Upon leaving Utapioca, you will enter another magical world called the Wrap Zone with this string-like curtains made of more boba beads.



Boba Ballin’

via The Bubble Tea Factory

Just a few steps away from the Wrap Zone is Boba Ballin. Imagine the bathroom of those wealthy bubble tea shop owners. Get in the bathtub and soak up yourself in a bubble bath of money bills. Get drenched in being filthy rich. And because bubble tea owners are millionaires in their own right, they only sit on a golden toilet bowl fit for any royalty.



Mirror, Mirror…

Set yourself up for a mirror-selfie shot in this part of the tour. See your whole reflection on full-length mirrors that surround the place amidst neon balls of more boba. 




via The Bubble Tea Factory

Those of you who cannot live without having a single drink of bubble tea every day, this section is for you. Insert through your veins this IV drip (not real) that’ll give you that instant sugary-high only you can get from a bubble tea.  



Taro-bly Wreck

via The Bubble Tea Factory

You’ll come in like a wrecking ball as you sit on this swinging boba pearl across the room. Make sure you have your friend take a Boomerang or video as you sing your heart out in a music video like Miley Cyrus.



Smells Like Tea Spirit

via The Bubble Tea Factory

Oh, the scent of tea and sweet sugar as we puncture our bubble tea drink with a straw for the first sip! Prepare your nose for an olfactory treat as you sniff your way through the walls that contain tea fragrances. 



Pearl Pit

via The Bubble Tea Factory

Get all giddy as you jump in a pool of pastel pearls! This larger than life boba pool has more than enough room to accommodate your whole gang and another. Take advantage of the space here and snap your way into more photos for your Instagram feed. Throw balls at each other. Swim. Dive. Just be crazy and have fun.  



Pearlsonality Chamber

Embark on a quest of self-discovery as you find your ultimate personality the boba-way. Inside the Pearlsonality Chamber is a shower of confetti perfect for another Boomerang story.



Hop on a Seesaw with Boba Bae

via The Bubble Tea Factory

Play seesaw with Boba Bae and have your friend take another IG story. You’re guaranteed to look as sweet as your Bae in the shot.




via The Bubble Tea Factory

Make sure you’ve gotten your ticket at the Tea Terminal prior to getting on your private jet for some first-class seating while sipping on your champagne glass of bubble tea.



Happiness Wall

Well, that’s it. You’ve reached the end of your journey in the sugary world of bubble tea. Before leaving, you’ll get a complimentary bubble tea drink (of course) to remind you always of your sweetest escape on earth. Check out also the bubble tea merchandise and take home a souvenir or two. Don’t forget to leave a note with the relevant hashtags so that your boba-adventure can be featured on The Bubble Tea Factory Instagram account.



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*Featured image from The Bubble Tea Factory on Facebook