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Action-Packed Things To Do In New Zealand That Will Keep You Hyped

One couldn’t help thinking about green pastures, breathtaking landscapes, and—oddly enough—Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit scenes when talking about New Zealand

An island country that lies in the southwestern region of the Pacific Ocean, it is, indeed, awash with natural beauty. But aside from offering stunning landscapes, it also treats adventurous travelers to different kinds of exciting adrenaline-pumping activities. Here are some of them:


Sky Diving

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Let’s start with what’s probably the most thrilling activity on this list—skydiving. A true test for the dauntless souls, it dares you to take a leap of faith and feel the rush as you free-fall from 15,000 feet (4,572 meters)! Of course, you won’t be jumping off the plane unsupervised. Prior to your much-awaited dive, you’ll be trained by a professional skydiving instructor to ensure your safety throughout the experience. 


Bungee Jumping 

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Bungee jumping is another popular activity among daredevils, and if you want to try it yourself, head on over to Queenstown where you’ll find the Nevis Bungy a.k.a. the highest bungee jumping site in New Zealand at 440 feet (134 meters). The plunge takes about 8.5 seconds of free-fall, which will be quite scenic, too, as you’ll be treated to views of canyons and rivers. 


Canyon Swinging

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Bungee jumping not your thing? How about trying the Nevis Swing? This site takes the title as the world’s biggest and highest swing, offering a 70-meter direct drop from the launch deck and a 300-meter arc across canyons. If you’re that much of a thrill-seeker, go for the swing on your own. If not, you may go with a friend and scream at the top of your lungs together. It will be one for the books. 


Luge Car Driving

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For a more family-friendly activity that’s nonetheless exciting, take a cable car to reach the highest peak of Queensland, then try driving a luge car to take in the stunning scenery of the city from a whole new perspective. If you’re up for a speedier ride, you can take the advanced track, which is designed to induce a rush of adrenaline. 


Jetboat Experience

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Dubbed as the “most thrilling jet boat in the world”, the Shotover Jet Experience will take you on a heart-stopping ride through the Shotover River, as you marvel at the steep canyons that surround the narrow river. Your jet boat will be piloted by an expert, who will showcase crazy maneuvering techniques, navigating through the water, avoiding pointed rocks along the way. 



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A hybrid of a helicopter ride and hiking, this experience will give you the opportunity to admire the South Island’s magnificent glaciers from a helicopter and then hike within the area. We’re telling you now that this wouldn’t be your ordinary hiking getaway. 


Bridge Climbing

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If you’ve heard of Sydney’s Harbour Bridge Climb, then you should know that Auckland has its own version of it. This slow but hair-raising experience will give you unparalleled panoramic views of the harbor, but not before undergoing a crash course on climbing with experienced instructors. The bridge rises about 141 feet (43 meters) above the water and is the second-longest road bridge in the country. 


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