This Aquarium In Taiwan Invites You To A Unique Sleepover Experience

If you like feeding fishes, observing them in glorious aquariums, or swimming with them, you wouldn’t want to miss this enchanting underwater experience in Taiwan. Have you ever wondered what it is like to sleep while they swim over you, drift back and forth, and greet you from their stunning blue universe when you wake up? 

You can experience aquarium sleepovers at the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium. This Taiwan aquarium lies in Checheng Township, Pingtung County. The museum opened in February 2000 and it is surrounded by an outdoor water park, which is considered the biggest in Taiwan. 

Sleeping under a massive ocean-viewing window will make you feel like a part of the underwater realm. Reserve your slot for Pingtung National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium Sleepover Experience via KKday today. 

You can choose from four packages: View of the Sea, Crab harbor, Kayak Experience, and Farming Experience. Each comes with different activities that both adults and kids will enjoy. 


via National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium


Aside from offering a sleepover experience, the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium runs an experiment center for aquatic life, a conference center, research facilities, a marine station, and exhibition spaces. Their three main exhibitions are Waters of Taiwan, Coral Kingdom Pavilion, and Waters of the World. 

The Waters of Taiwan displays the different water bodies in the country, like rivers, estuaries, and the intertidal zone. You will learn how oyster farming thrives in Taiwan. Be enlightened by its great aquatic life, fish physiology, and marine conservation. Meet different sea creatures, including a water shark, nurse sharks, Japanese eel, and spotted eagle rays. You can also spot tilapia, cuttlefish, and yellowfin tuna. 

You will be entranced by the coral reef kingdoms at the Coral Kingdom exhibit. Here, you will discover their surroundings based on sea depth, terrain, and pressure. The largest underwater tunnel in Asia is also in this exhibit; it is an 81-meter structure that carries 1.5 million gallons of water. Visitors can also step into the bottom of a sunken ship at the Sunken Ship Adventure section. At the World of Marine Mammals section, you will learn how marine mammals survive and raise their young. 


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Adorable beluga whales will fascinate you with their movements at the end of the exhibit. You will also encounter blacktip reef sharks, lionfish, garden eels, unicornfish, butterflyfish, moray eels, and cownose rays. 

If you want to understand their home better, head to the Waters of the World exhibition and trace the history of oceans and different ocean formations. The exhibit’s main attraction is the 10-meter-high acrylic viewing window of the Giant Kelp Tank, considered as the highest in the world. Also displayed are the Kelp Forest Ecosystems of the World, Living Fossils, Aidikala Ocean Parks, Bioluminescent Animals, and Deep-Sea Animals.

Watch these magnificent sea creatures in their peaceful environment and experience the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium at night. Get your passes here. 



*Featured image from National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium on Facebook