It’s A Mall World: Seoul’s Craziest Underground Shopping Centers

Seoul is a shopping mecca of sorts. From high-end brands to bargain finds, shopping centers have something to offer that will suit any budget imaginable. And if you’re leaning towards the pocket-friendly places, you’ll be thrilled to know that the South Korean capital has a lot of them—some tucked away from the hustles and bustles of the world above. 

Here, we round up seven of Seoul’s craziest underground shopping centers that will make you shop till you drop:


Myeongdong Underground Mall

TK Kurikawa via Shutterstock

This is, perhaps, the most popular underground mall among tourists. It is conveniently connected to the subway station, making it a great primer of what to expect from the ever-busy district that is Myeongdong. Most of the items sold here are apparel, though the most-visited stores are the ones that sell authentic K-Pop and K-Drama goods at incredibly low prices. From albums to artist merchandise, they have it all! 

Nearest subway station: Myeongdong 


Gangnam Terminal Shopping Mall 

via Korea Tourism Organization

Fondly called “Goto Mall” by Seoulites, the Gangnam Terminal Shopping Mall sits on a subway transfer station, connecting lines 3, 7, and 9. This underground shopping mall boasts over 600 stores that occupy both sides of the corridors that run through the station. A wide variety of products are being sold in the area such as clothing, fashion accessories, houseware, and even food in case you get hungry in the middle of your shopping spree. 

Nearest subway station: Express Bus Terminal 



Gangnam Station Underground Shopping Center

via Korea Tourism Organization

Not to be confused with Gangnam Terminal Shopping Mall, Gangnam Station Underground Shopping Center is located at a different site and pretty much caters to younger crowds, who are into trendy fashion but wouldn’t break the bank to look good. Items sold here are of high-quality yet come at affordable prices. 

Nearest subway station: Gangnam



COEX Starfield Mall

Efired via Shutterstock

Once you step into COEX Starfield Mall, you wouldn’t get the impression of being in an underground mall. It’s massive, well-lit, and so spacious, it even houses a jaw-dropping library, an aquarium, a casino, and more! At 165,000 square meters, this mall is Asia’s largest underground shopping center. 

Nearest subway station: Samseong



Yeongdeungpo Underground Mall

via Korea Tourism Organization

Located right at Yeongdeungpo Station along Seoul Subway Line 1, this underground mall is a maze of retail areas divided into three sections that cater to all ages. It becomes especially crowded during the autumn and winter months when stores begin selling dirt-cheap outerwear. 

Nearest subway station: Yeongdeungpo



Jamsil Underground Shopping Mall

ARTYOORAN via Shutterstock

If you’re visiting Lotte World, make sure to check out Jamsil Underground Shopping Mall. This shoppers’ favorite may not be as big as some other shopping centers listed on this post, but you’ll be stunned by the variety of goods and bites this place offers. It’s also known for its iconic feature—a picturesque fountain inspired by Rome’s Trevi Fountain. 

Nearest subway station: Jamsil



Sogong Underground Shopping Center


An oldie but still a goodie, the Sogong Underground Shopping Center has seen its heyday in the 80s, being one of Seoul’s most popular shopping areas at the time. Today, it still welcomes shoppers from near and far, offering a wide range of regional products, traditional Korean handicrafts, and more. This long stretch of an underground mall connects the City Hall area with Myeongdong. 

Nearest subway station: City Hall



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*Featured image by THONGCHAI.S via Shutterstock