At a Glance: 2019’s Best Airports

After sitting in a tight zone for hours, you no longer want to deal with long security queues and crowds when you arrive at the airport. While these are inevitable, some airports take their amenities to the next level so you can experience ease and efficiency. These premier airports have been identified and ranked by travelers in the annual survey of Sleeping in Airports based on comfort, facilities, food options, immigration, customer service, navigation, and cleanliness. 

Here are the best airports in the world in 2019:



#1 Changi Airport in Singapore

via Changi Airport

Singapore’s Changi Airport is a world-class airport with four terminals and a lifestyle hub where travelers can relax, dine, and shop upon arrival or while waiting for their flights. Surveyed participants commend the spaciousness of Changi and its helpful staff the most.

Changi Airport comes with family-friendly facilities, such as indoor playgrounds, a fun slide, the Family Zone at Terminal 2, and two cinemas at Terminals 2 and 3. You can soak in the beauty of its green spaces and gardens. You can play video games and arcade machines at the Entertainment Corner at Terminal 4. If you want to take a nap, another notable feature of Changi is its different sleeping facilities, such as free reclining loungers, sleep chairs, armrest-free seating, and massage chairs located throughout the airport. 

Its latest attraction, The Jewel, is home to the largest indoor waterfall and a wide selection of restaurants and boutiques, where you can get your last-minute shopping done. 

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#2 Incheon International Airport in South Korea

via Incheon International Airport

You won’t run out of things to do at Incheon International Airport, the largest airport in South Korea. This award-winning airport is known for its unique entertainment zones and cultural features. If you want to stay preoccupied while waiting for your flight, head to the airport’s golf course, ice skating rink, or casino.

For an ultimate cultural experience, explore the Museum of Korean Culture and the Traditional Cultural Center or watch the airport’s art shows and live music performances. To relax, you can watch films at the CGV Movie Theatre, enjoy a spa treatment, or wander through the Sky Garden, a space built with courtyards, flowers, and an observation deck. According to travelers, Seoul Incheon Airport stands out because of its fast security lines, helpful staff, free showers, and lots of retail shops and convenience stores to choose from. The easiest way to go to your Seoul accommodation from Incheon International Airport is through a private direct transfer.



#3 Helsinki Airport in Finland

via Helsinki Airport

Finland’s Helsinki Airport is modest in size, but its features boast practicality, style, and comfort. Helsinki Airport contains multiple lounges, a buffet station, a full-service bar, self-service drinks, snacks, and lots of tables and chairs. To keep you busy while waiting for your flight, you can surf the web with their speedy Wi-Fi and read some magazines while your children can enjoy the play areas. 



#4 Narita International Airport in Tokyo

via Wikimedia Commons

Located in Narita, Chiba, Narita International Airport handles 50% of Japan’s international passenger traffic and 60% of its international air cargo traffic. Delight in a spectacular selection of retail shops, from souvenir stores to designer boutiques. Narita Airport makes sure you and your family can access essential facilities, such as a medical clinic, nurseries, play areas, and sleeping rooms. Safety and security are the top strengths of the airport according to surveyed travelers. Order your Tokyo Narita Airport Limousine Bus Transfer Ticket now to enjoy a convenient ride from Narita Airport to Tokyo.



#5 Kansai International Airport in Japan

via Kansai International Airport

Lying on a man-made island in the middle of Osaka Bay, Kansai International Airport serves flights that connect 23 countries and 82 cities in Japan. Those who voted for Kansai Airport in the survey praised the airport’s helpful staff, eateries, and the variety of sleep options. 



#6 Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan

via Taoyuan International Airport

Spacious hallways, luxury stores, efficiency, and overall chill vibe are among the top impressions of Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport. Respondents in the survey like the easy transit connections between terminals inside the airport as well as the rest zones.



#7 Vancouver International Airport in Canada

via Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver International Airport may be the second busiest airport in Canada but its vibrant design and efficient services appeal to travelers. According to the survey’s participants, the airport’s spacious structure and designs that feature aquariums and waterfalls are plus points. Other prominent features are the art collection, an array of shops, and mobile facilities for people with disabilities.



#8 Munich International Airport in Germany

via Munich Airport

The Airbrau Brewery inside the Munich International Airport is a fun welcome to tourists in Germany. The second-busiest airport in Germany, Munich International Airport has two passenger terminals, a midfield terminal, and two runways. Travelers approve of the organized layout, helpful staff, cleanliness, and great dining options. The airport also promotes Bavarian experiences, like Oktoberfest and a Christkindl Market.



#9 Hong Kong International Airport in Hong Kong




via Hong Kong International Airport

Erected on the island of Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong International Airport has been the world’s busiest airport by cargo traffic since 2010. Don’t judge this airport by its size because its amenities can surprise you. The Airport World Trade Centre features classy business and conference halls and high-end dining. Its Moon Bar offers a variety of premium wines and the Sky Terrace can give you 360-degree views of the airports. 

Aside from airline lounges, the airport is equipped with Automated People Mover, which transfers passengers between Terminal 1, Midfield Concourse and SkyPier, and Terminal 2 to Terminal 1. It also has a Caring Corner for travelers with special needs and seven Children Play and TV Areas to keep the young travelers entertained. Travel without hassle from Hong Kong International Airport to Hong Kong Central with your Hong Kong Airport Express Tickets.



#10 Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands

via Amsterdam Airport

The third busiest airport in Europe is Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, located in Haarlemmermeer, North Holland. The survey’s voters complement the airport’s seating areas, security queues, and retail shops. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is complete with basic amenities, such as baby care centers, meeting rooms, showers, medical center, and Internet center. Travelers can also enjoy free Wi-Fi, a VIP service, the open library, and valet parking. Explore Netherlands using your Amsterdam GVB Multi-Day Ticket.



*Featured photo sourced from Changi Airport on Facebook