Get the Adrenaline Rush: The Chocolate Hills Adventure Park Guide

Legend has it that a giant fell in love with a fair maiden on earth, courted her, but got turned down. With a broken heart, the giant cried and shed tears that fell on earth, which got mixed with dirt and became mounds of land we call the Chocolate Hills today.

This natural wonder in Bohol is shrouded in mystery and legends. But one thing’s for sure: these Chocolate Hills are not only a sight to behold, but also a natural marvel that’s close to a playground for your much-needed fix of an adrenaline rushthe Chocolate Hills Adventure Park.

Complete your Bohol Day Tour with KKday by making a stop at the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (CHAP). Here’s a guide to get you started:

Welcome to Chocolate Hills Adventure Park!

Bohol raised the bar of local eco-tourism with the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (CHAP). Located in Buenos Aires, Carmen, Bohol, the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park offers 30 thrilling activities for adults and children alike. 

Many of the attractions in this park are not for the faint-hearted. They’re more than just your usual zipline or free fall. The attractions in the park will surely get your heart pumping to its limits. Get ready for some awesome adventures that will bring out not only the daredevil but also the nature lover in you.


“The Rush Bike” Zipline 

via Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

Get a 360-degree panoramic view of the Chocolate Hills while pedaling your way on a 550-meter long round trip bike zip. Yes, your bike is suspended high up above the ground with the help of state-of-the-art equipment to keep your bike balanced and in place. Feel the breeze against your face as you bike your way from one end to another. Dare to look 150-feet below to see the greenest Chocolate Hills.



“The Wave Runner” Zipline

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By this time your heartbeat must have leveled up already, so you’re now ready for another adventure. Hop on a surfboard and surf your way over the hills with “The Wave Runner” Zipline—the first of its kind in the Philippines and, maybe, in the rest of the world. Shout “cowabunga” as you surf at 230 feet high over the Chocolate Hills. It’s just you, the board, and wind blowing through your hair. 



Tree Top Rope Challenges

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The Tree Top Rope Challenges offer peak fun if you enjoy obstacle courses. The high and mid-rope course tests your mind and body coordination as you make your way from beginning to end while balancing from one plank to another with a suspension attached to your body. 

Get the full course of adventure by combining “The Rush Bike” and “The Wave Runner” ziplines together with the Tree Top Rope Challenges.    



Decagon Tree Top Rope Challenge

via Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

The Decagon Tree Top Rope Challenge can serve as your training ground before taking on the ultimate Tree Top Rope Challenges. This is the mid-level treetop coursea 10 in one entry-level rope challenge that gives you little doses of the real deal. 




via Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

There’s always something for everyone at the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park, even for children. Kids can hop on the Gymnaskids, which is a set of adventures consisting of the Burma Loop, Vine Walk, Balance Beam, and Spider Web. Kids can freely do the challenges with the assistance of an adventure specialist, and, of course, their parents or guardians.


Spiderman Wall Climbing

via Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

Pretend to be Spiderman as you make your way up on a wall. Upon reaching the top, don’t forget to ring the bell. The Spiderman Wall Climbing adventure is the perfect exercise not only for your upper body but also for your muscle and mind coordination.


Tarzan Swing

via Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

Now you can experience the adrenaline rush that Tarzan gets whenever he swings from one vine to another to make his way through the wilderness. Shout at the top of your lungs like the King of the Jungle as you swing high above the ground. Trust us—the Tarzan Swing is one for the books.



Mountain Biking/Horseback Riding

via Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

Ride a mountain bike or one of the friendly horses as you explore the rich countryside that surrounds the Chocolate Hills Bohol. Discover how nature has blessed the people of Carmen with rich and diverse flora and fauna. 



via Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

Slither your way into the Serpentarium and befriend one of the “cool” creatures there. Get to know more about the albino python, boa constrictor, oriental whip snake, and even the king cobra.



Choco Zorb Ball

via Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

Experience what Jake Gyllenhaal might have felt like in the cult classic Bubble Boy by being safely strapped inside a giant beach-ball-like orb while rolling down a 100-meter slope of a hill. Rest assured, you won’t feel claustrophobic inside as there is at least two feet of air in between that can absorb every shock you’ll feel while rolling down a chocolate hill.



Yokuzuna Sumo Wrestling

via Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

Get to live in real life your sumo wrestling fantasies without having to put on the weight and undergo the training that sumo wrestlers endure for every competition. Wear those thick foam-filled sumo wrestling suits, wig, helmet, gloves, and the Mawashi “diaper-like” belt. Feel like a 300-pound Sumo wrestler and wrestle with your friend on a “Sumo” mat at the signal of a facilitator on-site.   



Chap Body Wall

via Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

The Chap Body Wall is the hybrid product of the Choco Zorb Ball and the Yokuzuna Sumo Wrestling. Bump, bounce, and bop with your friends on a 15 by 25-meter grass field. Earn a score by making a goal. 



Eco-Hiking Trail

via Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

Nature lovers, rejoice! The Chocolate Adventure Park gives you a two-hour hike trail near the outskirts of the park for you to see a wonderful view of nature like wild orchids, strangler trees, some millipedes, tree frogs, fresh-water crabs, black-nape oriole, jungle fowl, and other fauna. You may opt to get a guide for a certain fee, or you can be the captain of your own adventure.




via Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

An adventure on the hills is not complete without the good old-fashioned camping. Set up a tent. Fall in love with the stars, and embrace a new day as you watch the sunrise amidst the green Chocolate Hills.  



“Ang Paruparo” Butterfly Garden and Chicken & Fish Feeding

via Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

Get to know more about the delicate and beautiful winged creatures that are butterflies in the “Ang Paruparo” Butterfly Garden. Also, check out the colorful blooms that feed the graceful creatures. 

Near the entrance of the park’s gate, you will find a lagoon with schools of freshwater fish like koi, catfish, and tilapia. Buy a pack of fish floaters and toss them over to the fishes as feeds. Afterward, you may go and feed some of the “cobra bantam chickens” with cracked corn. You might find yourself be a mother hen as they start to follow you around. 


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*Featured image sourced from Chocolate Hills Adventure Park on Facebook