Things To Do In Keelung

Less than an hour away from Taipei lies the city of Keelung in Taiwan’s Northern Coast. As one of the country’s major ports, the city is full of history and culture that reflects Taiwan’s growth and people. It’s also a great place to find tourist attractions that are away from Taipei and offer something different to visitors.


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As the second-largest port in Taiwan, Keelung offers numerous places of interest for those who want to learn more about its history and development. To safeguard the harbor and protect the city, a number of forts have been built over the centuries and are now open to visitors: Baimiweng Fort in Zhongshan District, Dawulun Fort in Anle District, and Gongzi Liao Fort in Xinyi District.


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For those looking for a relaxing stroll, Keelung has two famous parks for people to visit. Chung Cheng (or Zhongzheng) Park is located up a mountain and offers a great view of the city below. It is also home to a statue of the goddess Guanyin which is one of the largest in Southeast Asia.

Heping Island Park is another spot with wonderful photography opportunities for people who enjoy the seaside. Another option is Chaojing Park which was a project of the National Museum Of Marine Science and Technology. Visitors here can also marvel at the ocean views as well as view installation art in the sculpture museum. 


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Those who enjoy hiking up mountains can check out Lover’s Lake Park. A quick uphill leg work rewards you with a grand view of the surrounding mountains and nearby lake. Hikers looking for something more challenging can head over to Mount Keelung where the Keelung Mountain Trail takes people up and around the mountain. Don’t forget to take pictures as the area offers amazing views of its surroundings, including the ocean.


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Of course a trip to Keelung isn’t complete without a visit to Keelung Miaokou Night Market located in downtown Keelung and near the harbor. The market attracts crowds from all over the world and offers them a taste of various delicious dishes that Taiwan cuisine has to offer.


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The market itself isn’t just a place to visit for foodies. Historically, the area became known for food when people began selling food near Dianji Temple. The name “Miaokou” translates to “temple entrance” where food stalls used to be. Now the market itself has grown to encompass many streets. Some vendors have been at the market for years and their food shows the dedication they have to their craft.


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A walk around the market can easily provide quite a meal for travelers. Stalls sell a variety of foods such as rice, barbeque, soups, dumplings, and more. After buying food, market-goers can easily walk around with their food or find a seat at one of the many small tables located near stalls. Desserts, drinks, and small snacks are also available for people who want to sample a little bit of everything Miaokou Night Market has to offer. After the meal, it’s just a quick walk to Keelung’s picturesque Maritime Plaza which provides a relaxing spot to enjoy the view of the harbor. At night, colorful lights provide the plaza with a bright backdrop perfect for relaxing walks and photo opportunities.


So next time you consider a visit to Taiwan, add a side trip to Keelung to your list of things to do. Even if it’s just for a day, there are many ways to explore and experience what Keelung has to offer.



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