Why You Shouldn’t Miss LUCFest

For the third year in a row, Tainan City will be hosting yet another run of the LUCFest music showcase festival

This year, the festival which combines music, arts, and other creative events, will be held from Friday, November 8 to Sunday, November 10. For three days, more than 10 showcase performances will be held throughout different venues in the city. LUCFest is definitely a must-see for musicians and music enthusiasts alike. Read on to find out why you shouldn’t miss this exciting event.

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The Music

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Since its inception in 2017, LUCFest has always been about music. This festival was designed to bring together a variety of music markets and styles while taking the dynamic Taiwan music scene to the spotlight. Not only that, but it also aims to champion the divergent combination of music and artistry in the Asian stages and connect it to other stages around the globe.

This year, LUCFest will not only showcase the diversity of music from Taiwan’s independent local talents, but the festival will also feature performances by musical artists and groups from different parts of the world. Pop, rock, hip-hop, dance, folk, electronica—you name it. This well-curated amalgam of musical genres will definitely offer a remarkable auditory experience for all audiences. 



The Lineup

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This year’s LUCFest will feature a lineup of musical talents not just from its host country but also from other parts of the world such as Europe, Canada, Australia, and of course, Asia. The event aims to provide a platform for artists capable of gaining worldwide traction to showcase their craft.

As was tradition, this year’s lineup is an eclectic mix of artists including some notable names in the Taiwan music scene such as EggPlantEgg, an indie band and two-time winner of the Golden Melody Award. They also performed in last year’s LUCFest alongside some acts from all around the world such as ADOY from South Korea, Cor Blanc from Spain, Ryssa Dynta from Indonesia, She’s Only Sixteen from the Philippines, and Elizabete Balcus from Latvia, who is also part of this year’s lineup.

Other artists to watch out for in this year’s set are 9Bach, an alternative folk group from the UK, Any Other, a musical project led by Adele Nigro, from Italy, BAHR, a visual soundscape artist from Germany, Bullet Dumas, a contemporary folk singer-songwriter from the Philippines, and so much more.



The Venue

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Tainan City, Taiwan’s ancient capital, will be the host to this 3-day festival. Tainan might not be everyone’s first choice for a destination when traveling to Taiwan but it definitely has its own charm that is simply unique from other popular sites in the country. Its cultural and historic attractions alone are worth visiting on top of the natural beauty of this place. The allure of this city’s street culture also poses an undeniable pull to tourists and Taiwanese alike.

LUCFest is set in a backdrop of captivating quaint alleys, centuries-old structures, and whimsical restaurants and shops, all of which perfectly capture the timeless east Asian vibe interspersed with the transfixing presence of traditional and cultural edifices.

The main stage for LUCFest will be situated in Tainan Music City, where most musical performances will be held. Six other venues, each exhibiting their own charms, will feature both musical performances as well as the conferences/forums that are also the highlights of this festival. For a full festival experience, it is recommended that attendees jump from one venue to another. Who knows? You might get a pleasant surprise from not knowing what to expect from each site.



The Conferences

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At the heart of this event is to provide a venue where music, artists, creativity, and aesthetics combine not only to invite the audience to delve into the rich energy of Taiwan’s independent music industry but also to establish a platform where information exchange between Asian and Western music can integrate.

Just like the artist lineup, this year’s set of delegates and speakers is a selection of renowned personalities in music from different countries. Interesting topics will be discussed by an array of notable speakers in different venues, which will provide insightful ideas about the ever-evolving music industry seen from the perspective of various cultures and walks of life.



Don’t miss this year’s LUCFest!