Folded Umbrellas To Be Allowed As Part Of Carry-On Baggage In PH Airports

Ever had an unassuming folding umbrella in your carry-on baggage confiscated at an airport in the Philippines


Well, it’s because portable umbrellas are prohibited in your hand luggage. But that’s all about to change soon, as the Office for Transportation Security (OTS) announced Sunday that they will be easing the policy on carriage of umbrellas at airports. 


According to a statement released by the OTS on Facebook, they will soon be lifting the prohibition of folding umbrellas at airports in the Philippines “following public clamor to allow carriage of folded umbrellas in both cabin and checked baggage.” 


If you’re carrying a cane umbrella, though, it would be best to keep it in your checked-in luggage, as it will still be considered a prohibited item. 


The OTS follows the international standard set by the International Civil Aviation Organization when it comes to identifying items that must not be allowed on board. Such include articles that may aid in committing any acts of unlawful interference against civil aviation.