A First-Timer’s Guide to Sanrio Puroland

Many tourist spots in Japan are described as “kawaii,” but few bring the word to life as much as Sanrio Puroland in Tama New Town, Tokyo. Founded in 1990, Sanrio Puroland is a three-story indoor theme park built to celebrate all things Sanrio. Think: Disneyland for fans of Hello Kitty and friends instead of Mickey Mouse.

While it’s a relatively small theme park, it definitely packs a lot of punch with eye-popping colors and vivid Sanrio-inspired architecture. Get lost in a dizzying amount of characters, rides, shops, cafés, parades, and shows found throughout the pastel-hued park. Meet characters like Hello Kitty, My Melody, Cinnamoroll, and more!

Even if you’re not a particularly big Sanrio fan, Sanrio Puroland is a surprisingly fun and accessible place to visit in the western area of Tokyo.


Best Time to Visit Sanrio Puroland

Unlike a lot of other top attractions in Japan, Sanrio Puroland is a wonderful stop all year round. Since the amusement park is entirely indoors, tourists can schedule their visit any time, regardless of season, weather, or other natural factors. Summer months are usually more crowded, especially during parades, shows, and other special events. 

It should be noted that while it’s a year-round park, Sanrio Puroland isn’t always open all days of the week. To make sure the park is open when you visit, it’s always best to check Sanrio Puroland’s official park schedule online.



Visit Hello Kitty at Home

Amy Jane Gustafson via Flickr

A trip to Sanrio Puroland isn’t complete without dropping by the Hello Kitty House, also known as Lady Kitty House, to say hello to the world-famous character. It’s not unusual to encounter a line to enter the home of the famous Hello Kitty, but if you’re lucky, the wait shouldn’t be too long.

Step inside the pink house, where nearly everything is decorated with the iconic Hello Kitty logo. Explore the home of Sanrio’s most popular character, from the luxurious living room to the traditional teahouse.

Learn more about Hello Kitty from the portraits of her family on the wall, personal items on display, and fancy furniture molded in the shape of the Hello Kitty logo and her face. Finally, meet the charming Hello Kitty herself and snap photos together to commemorate the occasion!



Hop on the Rides

Amy Jane Gustafson via Flickr

One of two rides in Sanrio Puroland, Mymeroaddrive takes guests to the cheery Mariland, the world of My Melody and her friends. Hop on one of the Eco Melody Car vehicles to join the tour of Mariland, then pose in six different photo spots throughout the journey.  

The Sanrio Character Boat Ride is the other one of two rides in the park, one of the most popular attractions that immerses tourists into the world of Sanrio’s most beloved characters. However, it’s currently closed for maintenance and will not be operational until July 2020. 



Catch Lively Shows and Parades

Sui San via Flickr

Witness Sanrio characters perform in a variety of shows and parades in the park. It’s your chance to get up close and personal with the Sanrio crew!

Most of the shows offered at the park are fun and worth a watch, but the Kawaii Kabuki is particularly interesting as it blends Sanrio’s “kawaii culture” with the traditional Japanese dance-drama known as kabuki. Watch Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, and Pompompurin don classical costumes and act out famous children’s folk stories.

 Afterwards, grab a bite at the Character Food Court or Sanrio Rainbow World Restaurant.



A Theme Park for All Ages

Stéphane D via Flickr

From the beloved Sanrio characters roaming the grounds to the Instagram-worthy surroundings, Sanrio Puroland is the home of all things cute and charming. It’s a place where everyone—kids, adults, Hello Kitty fans and even non-fans—can embrace their inner child and delight in the candy-colored world. 

In fact, the park attracts 1.5 million travelers of all ages from all over the world every year. Book your trip to Sanrio Puroland early and enjoy a 50% discount on your passes from KKday!