Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Nami Island

You’d think you’re in a dream once you’re on Nami Island because of its magnificent tree-lined roads and spectacular naturescapes all year round. 

Nami Island, or Namiseom, got its name from General Nami, who became victorious against rebels during the Joseon Dynasty, King Sejo reign from 1455 to 1468. This half-moon-shaped island is tucked away in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, 63 kilometers away from Seoul

The charm of this popular man-made island has been showcased on the television drama Winter Sonata and in the film Wanderer in Winter



How to Get to Nami Island 

Your train journey from Seoul Station to Gapyeong Station will take more than an hour.

If you ride a taxi upon arrival at Gapyeong Station, your travel time to Nami Island will be two to three minutes. Fare ranges from 4000 to 5000 Korean won. Your other option is to take bus number 33-5 or 33-36. You will arrive at Nami Island within five to 10 minutes. You can use your T-money Public Transit Card to pay for your fare. 

However, if you want to reach Nami Island without the queues, waiting, and transfers, book your Nami Island Round-Trip Transportation from Seoul & Bike Rental in advance. KKday’s exclusive bus will give you a relaxing trip to Nami Island.



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Things to Do on Nami Island

Take walks and click breathtaking pictures 

If you prefer a slow-paced itinerary and soaking in lovely sceneries, Nami Island is an ideal destination for you. Whether you visit during spring, summer, autumn, or winter, you won’t be disappointed because each season reveals something unique about the island’s character. 

In spring, you will enjoy taking photos with the beautiful cherry blossoms behind you. Head to the Cherry Tree Lane for the perfect shot from early April to mid-April.

The lanes recommended for strolling are the Metasequoia Lane, which is famous for its towering trees; the Songka Gingko Tree Lane, which is covered with yellow gingko leaves during autumn from mid-September to November; the Korean Pine Tree Lane; and the Cheongyeongwon Garden, which is filled with white birches. 



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Ride a bike

During the summer months, bike along clear paths as pine trees and redwoods filter the sun. You can explore the island on a solo bike, family bike, or electric scooter. 


Go sledging

Enjoy the winter season by sledging! Wear your winter jacket, gloves, and boots and have fun traveling down a snowy hill.


Unleash the adventurer in you

Zip through the Nami Skyline ZipWire and take in a sweeping view of Nami Island from above. Trampolines, swings, and barrels are available at Forest Adventure TreeGo. You can also ride on a sky bike, Story Tour bus, motorboat, or the UNICEF Charity train.



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Try the indoor activities at Handicraft Studio

If arts and crafts excite you, join the sessions for lampworking, glass blowing, and mug painting. Other activities you can get your hands on are pottery, painting on a frame or soju bottle, and creating a personal stamp. You can also check out Nami Eco-school, Nami Island Glass Workshop, and the child-friendly Picture Book Library.


Explore exhibition halls

Among the exhibition spaces you can visit in Nami Island are Pyeonghwarang, Culture Center, UNICEF Hall, Ryu Hongjuin World Folk Instrument Exhibition Hall, Hoban Gallery, and Song Island Gallery.



Where to Eat on Nami Island

Satisfy your food cravings at the quaint cafés and fusion restaurants on the island. Yeonga Lunch Box, one of the most popular eateries, serves Dosirak or a Korean-style lunch box. Have a taste of Beijing Sweet & Sour Chicken and Soft-Shell Crab Curry at Dongmoon Restaurant. Treat yourself with coffee and desserts at Nami Island Book Café. Also include in your list the Korean restaurant Nammun, Gomok, Seomhyanggi, Swing Cafe, Snow Cafe, Sonata cafe, and Coffee Shop Islana.



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Other attractions near Nami Island are Petit France, Gangchon Rail Bike, and Garden of the Morning Clam. The Garden of Morning Calm, which is around 45 minutes from Nami Island by bus, is a garden quietly settled in Gapyeong County, Gyeonggi Province. It is home to thousands of plant species and brightly colored flower beds. 

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