There’s A Bus In Singapore That Will Take You On A Gastronomic Journey On The Road

Singapore’s Gourmet Bus is not your ordinary tour bus. 

It elevates the travel and sensory experience of visitors and locals alike by blending a one-of-a-kind culinary experience with sightseeing. Yep, it’s exactly what you’re picturing—mouthwatering and Michelin-recognized Singaporean dishes being served to guests, who are enjoying an unforgettable tour of the Lion City at the same time. 


via Gourmet Bus


Launched in 2016 at Suntec Tourist Hub, what is tagged as a “moving dining experience” is the first of its kind in Asia. While most buses prohibit passengers from eating onboard, the Gourmet Bus is challenging this norm and putting a fresh take on the concept of tour buses. Besides, what could be a better way to have a taste of a country’s culture than by having a taste of local flavors?

The bus itself is a double-decker luxury tour coach that’s been decked with the features of a restaurant—minus the kitchen, of course. 


via Gourmet Bus


It seats 32 diners on the upper deck, while 2 diners can be accommodated on the lower deck—couples, are you reading this? It also has a 12-seater easy lounge on the lower deck and wheelchair accessibility. 

Moreover, the Gourmet Bus also functions as an events space on-the-go.



It is equipped with 14 projectors (with a screen on each table), wireless speaker microphones, a sound system, and Wi-Fi access. From seminars to corporate dinners, almost any conventional event will get its own exciting spin on this bus. 

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