Metro Manila Food Crawl: Makati Poblacion

As soon as the sun sets in Makati City, there’s no better place to be than Poblacion.

 A former red-light district, the neighborhood transformed into an underground haunt for yuppies, foodies, and travelers over the past several years. Now, Poblacion is one of the trendiest hotspots in the metro, offering some of the best restaurants in Manila while keeping its signature grit and attitude.

Good food, endless drinks, and the company of friends and fellow Pob-crawlers, what else do you need? Slip on your comfiest shoes and hit the streets for a nighttime food trip in Poblacion, Makati.



Hummus Elijah

via Hummus Elijah

Get into the spirit of the Poblacion crawl with a stop at Hummus Elijah, a tiny but charming hole-in-the-wall shop serving tasty Middle-Eastern dishes, such as hummus, falafel, and shakshuka. The shop also sells a huge assortment of colorful spices, most of which come all the way from Israel.

What to order: Hummus Elijah, Hamshuka, Falafel Balls, and Falafel Sandwich



Agimat Foraging Bar & Kitchen

via Agimat Foraging Bar & Kitchen

Locals and foreigners love the mysticism of Agimat, a bar and restaurant with décor, drinks, and dishes inspired by ancient Filipino folklore. Order delicious cocktails with imaginative names such as Gayuma ng Paraiso (love spell of paradise), Agimat ng Sawi (amulet of the broken hearted), and Gamot Para Makalimot (medicine to forget). The restaurant’s tapas are also a highlight.

What to order: Ritual ng Agimat to see the bar staff in full ritual mode complete with chants and masks




via Yoi

Treat yourself to Yoi to experience something new in the Makati food circuit: Japanese-Scandinavian cuisine and a meticulously curated collection of high-end sake (Japanese rice wine).

What to order: Tako, Kropkakka, and the Sake Tasting Menu



El Chupacabra

via El Chupacabra

One of the establishments that first made a mark in Poblacion, Makati is El Chupacabra, a streetside Mexican restaurant best known for amazing street tacos paired with beer. Folks from all over the metro flock here and wait hours for a table at this joint.

What to order: San Francisco-style Lean Pork Sisig and Carne Asada tacos



The Smokeyard

via The Smokeyard

If you’re ready for a heavy meal, The Smokeyard is a perfect choice. With a great selection of American comfort food and BBQ items, the Poblacion restaurant will satisfy your cravings for succulent meat and hearty sidings. 

What to order: Any of the smoked meat slathered with The Smokeyard original fire sauce



Wild Poppy

via Wild Poppy

Another Poblacion must-visit is the rooftop bar Wild Poppy, where you can hang out and watch people trooping past Don Pedro Street on their own food crawls. The fresh breeze, affordable drinks, and delicious Filipino-Asian food make it a favorite of many Poblacion regulars.

What to order: Buttermilk Fried Chicken Bao and Hoi, Belly! Bao



Pedro Tap House

via Pedro Tap House

A fan of craft beer? Make time for a drink at the Pedro Tap House, the home of a vast selection of craft beers by brewery Pedro Brewcrafters. The classic, monochrome bar is a cozy space for a nightcap with pals.  

What to order: Space Out Coffee Stout, Endless Summer Wheat Ale, and Beer Sausages




via Polilya

The relaxed yet chic atmosphere of Polilya tends to draw an international crowd with travelers staying in surrounding hostels and hotels popping in for a drink and a bite. The popular pub serves craft beer by Engkanto Brewery as well as colorful cocktails for those who want to mix it up.

What to order: Four O’Clock Flight sampler to try all Engkanto’s best-selling beer and Sandrapolitan cocktail



Wantusawa Oyster Bar

via Wantusawa Oyster Bar

A food trip in Poblacion, Makati is incomplete without a stop at Wantusawa for oysters and sake. The bar is tiny and somewhat cramped with people streaming in and out at all hours of the night—but it’s one of the best restaurants in Manila for oysters. At some point in your Poblacion food crawl, you better find your way here.

What to order: Fresh, Baked, or Grilled Oysters




via Commune

Some people prefer to chill with a cup of brew instead of a pint of beer. Others need coffee to sober up after a wild night out. Commune is a cool, laidback café to hang out with one of Metro Manila’s best selections of locally-grown coffee beans. It also offers tea, beer, and café food. 

What to order: 18-Hour Cold Brew, Flat White, or Iced Toddy



This is only the beginning of your Poblacion love affair—there’s so much more to discover and many new places popping up in Makati every month. 

But if you want a different type of food crawl in another part of the metro, why not try a Binondo food trip? Book a Manila Chinatown food tour with KKday now!