10 Bubble Tea Shops You Must Visit In Taiwan

When in Taiwan, do as the Taiwanese do. It’s the home of bubble tea, which is still the country’s most popular drink. Milk tea mania is alive and well here—and if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Trying at least one or two (or more) Taiwanese milk tea is a must during a trip to Taiwan. And if you’re going to indulge, you may as well go for the best ones.



Chun Shui Tang

Known as the “birthplace of bubble tea,” the original Taichung branch of Chun Shui Tang is widely believed to have sparked the craze that’s resonating across the country and all throughout Asia right now. While its current menu is quite extensive, it’s best to go with the Original Pearl Milk Tea during your first visit.

Visit the original Chun Shui Tang in Taichung with KKday and learn how to make your own Taiwan bubble tea from the masters.



via Chun Shui Tang



50 Lan

One of the most prolific Taiwanese milk tea brands in the country, 50 Lan is everywhere in Taiwan. It boasts a wide variety of milk tea flavors, throwing some fun concoctions into the mix. With mix-and-match options, you’ll never run out of new drinks to try! Local favorites include the classic Pearl Milk Tea and Hazelnut Milk Tea.




SOMA Tea & Mocktail is relatively a newcomer to the milk tea game, but it’s already made waves in the local and tourist scene. Part of its appeal are the Instagram-friendly interiors in Taipei, but SOMA has a fantastic selection of milk teas and mocktails as well.

One must-try from its menu is the Signature Milk Tea, which blends three types of premium black tea. SOMA also offers healthier dairy alternatives like skim milk and almond milk, upon request.  



via SOMA



Ten Ren’s Tea

Simple and traditional doesn’t have to mean boring. You won’t find gimmicks at Ten Ren’s Tea, but what it does serve are drinks that are well-made using only the highest quality teas. Ten Ren’s Tea sticks to classic bubble tea flavors, so simply choose your preferred type of tea and rest assured you’ll be served something top-notch.




The Taiwan bubble tea brand is so popular that it has even expanded to more than 2,500 branches all around the world. With its selection of more than 30 tea options, every visitor will find something they like in CoCo. Hunt down the orange stalls of CoCo to try Panda Milk Tea for two kinds of pearls in one drink or the original Bubble Tea for a taste of the classic.



via CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice



Chen San Ding

Another local favorite is Chen San Ding, which is found in the vibrant neighborhood of Gongguan, Taipei. The secret of Chen San Ding’s tasty concoctions are its tapioca pearls, which have been boiled in brown sugar for a distinct but subtle sweetness. Its best selling drink is simple: Black Sugar Bubble Tea, which is just their signature pearls in with delicious Taiwanese milk.




Presotea focuses on bringing out the distinct flavors of the tea by using an espresso machine for brewing. By doing this, the brand serves bubble tea that is refreshingly authentic without being bogged down by too much milk and sugar. Bestsellers include Jasmine Green Milk Tea and Panda Milk Tea. Presotea now has nearly 400 branches internationally.



via Presotea



Share Tea

If you like your milk tea more “tea” than “milk,” this one’s for you. With more than 90 branches in the country, Sharetea makes sure the milk in their bubble tea doesn’t overpower the flavors of the high-quality tea. Sharetea serves drinks in cute bottles, which you can take home to reuse and keep as a souvenir.



Yi Fang Fruit Tea

For those who are partial to fruity flavors or aren’t keen on milky brews, Yi Fang Fruit Tea is a must-try for both fruit and milk teas. Feel instantly refreshed with the brand’s milk-less citrusy drinks, such as the Yi Fang Signature Fruit Tea or Passion Fruit Green Tea.



via YiFang Fruit Tea



Wang Tea Egg

Feeling adventurous? Visit Wang Tea Egg for a Taiwan milk tea order that comes with a half-cracked egg on top. Sure, tea and egg may seem like a strange combination, but Tea Egg is a classic Chinese snack and there’s a reason why locals are crazy about it—it’s a surprisingly delicious mix.  Note: Wang Tea Egg is closed on Sundays, so make sure you don’t plan a trip to the store on this day.