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10 Best Travel Packing Hacks You Need To Know

Traveling is one of the best things in the world to indulge in, but for many people, packing is a chore. Here are 10 of the best travel packing hacks to help you pack for your next trip like a pro.


Wear Your Heaviest Clothes En Route To Your Destination

Say you’re traveling to Japan or South Korea for a ski trip this winter, take the bulkiest jacket, thickest jeans, and heaviest pair of shoes and wear them on your way to your destination. This is one of the essential packing hacks for air travel as it not only does this practice shave precious weight off your luggage, but it will also keep you warm in freezing planes.



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Use Packing Cubes

Keep your suitcase neat and organized with packing cubes, which also makes it easier to unpack once you get to your hotel. Take it a step further and use different colors, so you’ll know exactly where something is at first glance. Jewelry can be organized inside cheap pill cases, while chargers, earphones, and other cords can be kept in hard sunglasses cases.



Bring a Sarong

A simple and lightweight sarong can be used as a blanket, beach blanket, towel, scarf, cover-up, bedsheet, and many more. If you have one or two in your suitcase, you can do away with all the rest!



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Plan Your Daily Outfits

Plan out exactly what you’ll wear each day based on your itinerary. Make sure that every clothing item inside your suitcase is something you’ll use, not something that’s just taking up space. Neutral hues are recommended as well as choosing a color palette for the trip, so it’s easy to mix and match all the pieces.



Roll Clothes Instead Of Folding Them

In the battle between rolling and folding, rolling reigns supreme. Roll each article of clothing before packing them to save space and prevent them from wrinkling. Meanwhile, clothes that are especially prone to creasing may be wrapped in plastic dry cleaning bags.



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Streamline Footwear

Instead of bringing a pair of shoes for each activity, choose footwear that can do double duty, like a pair of sandals that can go from sightseeing during the day to a nice dinner at night and boots that are as good for streetwear as they are for hiking. Also, keep your shoes separate from your clothes by using a plastic bag, shower cap, or a designated shoe bag.



Pack Small Stuff In Your Shoes

Maximize every little bit of space by placing small items inside the shoes you’re bringing. Stuff your footwear with socks, sunblock, chargers, and anything else that will fit. Similarly, perfume bottles and other glass containers can be slipped inside thick socks for added protection against shattering.



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Downsize Toiletries

To save more space in your bag, acquire sample-sized products or purchase small travel bottles and re-fill them for travel from your regular toiletries at home. Better yet, find out whether your hotel has free toiletries and potentially leave yours at home.

For face creams and similar products, transfer small amounts into contact lens containers. Another pro travel packing hack: cover your toiletries with plastic wrap before screwing the cap back on to prevent disastrous spills.



Keep It Fresh With Dryer Sheets

Throw in dryer sheets inside your suitcase to keep it smelling fresh and clean all throughout your journey. Small soaps that often come free from hotels work just as well.



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Pack the Heaviest Items Near the Wheels

When you’re packing, the suitcase is lying on the floor, but it’ll be upright when you’re in transit. Make it easy for you to keep your luggage upright and easy to wheel around by ensuring it’s bottom-heavy. Place the heaviest items—shoes, toiletries, books, jeans—at the bottom and near the wheels.