How To Get To The Highest Starbucks In The World in Taipei 101

If you have been or planning to go to Taiwan, your first destination will most likely be Taipei If you’ve already visited this city, chances are you’ve already seen or been inside Taipei 101. The observation deck rewards visitors with a breathtaking view of the city from morning until late afternoon, and as the city’s iconic landmark, it must not be missed on any visit.

But there is another attraction inside Taipei 101 that just might be as popular as the building itself. At the skyscraper’s 35th floor is the highest Starbucks in the world. And it’s not just like any other Starbucks you can find in Taipei or other countries, because buying a drink or securing a spot there is not as quick and easy.

If you’re interested to reach the highest Starbucks in the world, here are some important details to take note of:


Make A Reservation

Unlike most Starbucks stores anywhere in the world, the one inside Taipei 101 requires you to make a reservation. You can do this by calling them at least a day in advance through the phone number +886 2 8101 0701. Most servers are Mandarin-speaking, so if you don’t know the language, ask a local or someone in your hotel’s reception to make the call.

It is also best to call when they have just opened, around 7:30 AM on weekdays and 9:00 AM on weekends. Expect to ring them multiple times until someone picks up. You will then be given a reservation number that you have to take note of. This will be counter-checked by the Starbucks employee on the day of your visit.



swimswim via Pixabay



Arrive Early

Do not be late for your appointment. If you can arrive at least five minutes before your schedule, even better. You will most likely see a queue of those who want to try it out as well. Wait for an employee to check your reservation number, and once verified, you will be led to the elevator. Once you arrive on the 35th floor, you will be called according to your reservation number before securing a table.



No Slippers Or Sandals Allowed

If you are used to going to Starbucks in your pajamas and slippers, then better dress up for this particular visit. There is a dress code here—smart casual, meaning no slippers or sandals. Besides, you are getting inside one of the world’s tallest buildings, and don’t you think it would be a plus to look extra fashionable in your photos.



Prepare To Spend At Least NT$250

Now that you have made it inside the highest Starbucks in the world, of course, you have to order something. Here, you are required to spend a minimum amount, which is NT$250 (around US$8) per person. So if you’re going as a group, make sure that everyone orders within that amount.



via Starbucks Coffee Taiwan



You Can Stay For Up To 90 Minutes Only

Not only do you have to spend a minimum amount, but you also have a maximum time to stay in this branch. You can only enjoy the view and your drinks for 90 minutes, and then you will be escorted by an employee to the elevator as another group comes in. So if you are thinking about studying, making a report, or hanging out for a long time here, better look for a different Starbucks store. Maximize your time limit, take as many photos as you can, and just enjoy your stay.



So, coffee lovers and Starbucks fans, if you’re visiting Taipei 101 anytime soon, don’t forget to include the 35th Floor Starbucks in your itinerary!