Everland or Lotte World: Things You Need To Know That Might Help You Choose Where To Go

When you think of amusement parks in South Korea, you have every reason to be elated. This country known for K-pop and cosmetics can get you excited about Everland and Lotte World. But if you have limited time in Korea, you might wonder which park you should go to.

To save you the trouble of endless comparison and research, we’ve highlighted the top features each park offers. See which suits your schedule, budget, and the kind of thrill you’re looking for!



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Distance from Seoul

If you strictly prefer your itinerary or tours in Seoul to be within the metropolis only, you may want to choose Lotte World.

Lotte World is just within Seoul (240 Olympic-ro, Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu). It lies next to Jamsil Station (line 2 & 8) and beside Lotte Tower, which is the tallest building in Korea. Other establishments you might want to visit are Lotte Duty Free and Lotte Mart. 

But if you want to go for an extra adventure, you can reach Everland Korea in one to one and a half hours from Seoul. You can book your Q-pass and take a shuttle service in advance. If you want to skip the public transportation and just enjoy the entire trip, you can order a Round-Trip Transfer from Seoul, which already comes with Everland Theme Park Tickets!



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Structure and Themes

You can explore five different themed zones in Everland Korea: Global Fair is a lot like a world market inspired by various international architectural styles. Feel free to snap a lot of photos as you visit the area’s shops and restaurants. Zootopia features a petting zoo, pony rides, and animal shows. European Adventure boasts the ultimate amusement attractions including trains, games, the Mystery Mansion, and the highly recommended T Express. Magic Land is where you can find Aesop’s Village, while American Adventure has a western-themed ride called Rodeo.

Lotte World, which is 13 hectares in land area, is smaller than Everland, but you wouldn’t regret coming here even if the weather is a bit dreary because almost half of it is indoors. In fact, it’s the world’s biggest indoor theme park! Lotte World features classical themes and attractions that families will surely enjoy.



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The Rides 

Both Everland and Lotte World have rides that are perfect for thrill-seekers and activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Everland’s most popular ride is the T Express. Considered as the steepest ride in the world, it reaches the maximum speed of 104 kph at a 77-degree angle. At Columbus Adventure, you can ride a ship that falls from a height of 33 meters, at a 75-degree angle. 

For exhilarating twists, you can try Double Rock Spin, which will send you to four consecutive full spins at the height of 20 meters. Meanwhile, the kids can have a fun time at the Royal Jubilee Carousel, Secret Jouju Airplane, the Festival Train, Spooky Fun House, and Ball House.

Riding the Atlantis is a heart-stopping experience you won’t want to miss at Lotte World. The ride brings you 20m above the ground at 72 kph and drops at an angle of 72 degrees. Invite your friends to hop on a log boat at Flume Ride, where you will go up in the air and plummet back down with a big splash. For a crazier option, you can head to the French Revolution ride. It is a spinning rollercoaster that rotates 360 or 540 degrees, with a loop-de-loop and wild ups and downs. Meanwhile, if you prefer less extreme rides or those suitable for children, look for Fantasy Forest, Swing Tree, and Lotty’s Train.



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Admission Fees



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One-day: Adults – 56,000 won / Children – 44,000 won
Two-day: Adults – 87,000 won / Children – 69,000 won

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Lotte World

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Universal Pass (Lotte World + Folk Museum)
One-day Ticket: Adults – 57,000 won / Teenagers – 50,000 won / Children – 46,000 won / Babies –  14,000 won

Park Ticket (Lotte World only)
One-day Ticket: Adults – 54,000 won / Teenagers – 48,000 won / Children – 45,000 won / Babies – 14,000 won


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So, which of the two amusement park rides made you feel more excited?