Outdoor Activities To Try In Kenting, Taiwan

Located at the southern tip of the island, Kenting is Taiwan’s answer to Indonesia’s Bali or the Philippines’ Boracay. This seaside town is a favorite among beach lovers, with its pristine waters and fine sand being the perfect backdrop for a tropical vacation. It is also a stark contrast to the highly urbanized landscape of the capital city Taipei, as well as to the historically and culturally rich Tainan, but its unique vibe serves as an ideal getaway for locals and tourists who long for an escape from their everyday lives.

If you plan on visiting Kenting and are still wondering about the things you can do there, here are five outdoor activities that you will surely enjoy:



Engage In Water Sports

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Your trip to Kenting will not be complete without trying out at least one of the many water sports and activities you can do above and below its waters.

Whether it’s snorkeling, scuba diving, skin diving, stand up paddling, surfing, bodyboarding, swimming, or just playing by the shore, you will definitely enjoy whatever activity you engage in. You can pretty much do them all during your stay, as you can easily book them when you arrive, or even prior to your arrival via KKday.

Experience Skin Diving at Houbihu, Kenting
Water sports experience in South Bay, Kenting Free shuttle service provided from Kenting Main Street
Skin diving and Water Activities at Houbihu Kenting
Kayak and Snorkel Along the Coast of Kenting
SUP Lesson in Kenting South Bay
Kenting Bodyboarding Experience



Walk To The Southernmost Point Of Taiwan

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If you want to do something on dry land, then why not take a walk to literally the southernmost point of Taiwan?

Should you find your way around the Eluanbi Lighthouse, the tip of the island is just nearby. Walk along the 1.5km long footpath and after 20 minutes, you will find yourself in this area offering majestic views of the ocean. You will unlikely get lost, too, as there are signposts that will lead you to your destination.

8-Hour Chartered Kenting Day Tour



Rent A Scooter Or E-bike (Or Join A Rickshaw Tour!)

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Tired of all the swimming and walking? Then it’s probably time to hit the streets and explore the other side of Kenting. Driving a scooter or an e-bike is common in Kenting, and it is the best way to see the town as you can do it on your own pace and visit the sites that you only want to see. If you don’t have an international driving license, better get the e-bike as you don’t need one to drive it. Just make sure to stick to the speed limit and charge the bike every two hours.

You can also book a rickshaw tour with KKday if you prefer someone to do the driving for you!

Old Town Tour by Rickshaw in Hengchun



Try Horseback Riding

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Make your equestrian dreams come true by giving horseback riding a try in Kenting. You can do it in an outdoor professional horse ranch, with an instructor to guide you and ensure your safety, especially if it’s your first time. There is also the option of trying it out along South Bay, either in a racecourse or along the trails. Whatever you choose, it will surely be an unforgettable experience!

Horse Riding River Adventure in Kenting
Horse Riding Experience in Kenting South Bay (Nanwan)



Go Canyoneering And Rappelling

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Nothing can be more challenging and as outdoorsy as canyoneering and rappelling at Kenting’s Qikong Falls. Experience the adrenaline rush as you trudge along the river and drop vertically from the top of the falls. Words won’t be enough to describe the excitement and thrill you’ll feel from this activity, so book it now with KKday!

Kenting Qikong Falls Canyoneering and Rappelling Experience



Don’t miss these outdoor activities when you’re in Kenting!