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What You Need To Know About South Korea’s T-Money Card

When it comes to traveling, especially to a new destination, convenience is everyone’s top priority. No one wants to waste time getting lost in a massive train system or figuring out how to get to their next stop or, even worse, run out of cash in local currency and not finding a foreign exchange counter nearby.

If you’re traveling to South Korea, the instances mentioned above can be avoided with the T-Money card. Most travelers consider it as one of the most important things you need to have with you on your Korean getaway, and it sure is.

If you don’t have a clue about what it is and what it does, don’t worry because we are breaking down some important points about the T-Money card in this article.



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Transportation Card

Before serving any other purpose, the T-Money card is your access to South Korea’s comprehensive transport system. It mainly works as a transportation card, much like the passes in other countries. It is the fastest and easiest way to get around South Korea, allowing you to maximize your stay and enjoy your vacation without the inconvenience of buying single journey tickets.

The T-Money card is available for purchase by both tourists and locals, and can be used not just for the subway, but for public buses and even taxis as well. All you have to do is load it with credits at e-charging machines and you’ll be on your way.




Speaking of load, the T-Money card is of course, reloadable. Unlike some tourist passes that are only good for a certain number of days and cannot be reloaded, the T-Money card can hold up to 500,000 KRW in load. This might be a big amount, but you can get a refund if you have at least 20,000 KRW left after your trip.

Reloading is made easy for commuters as well. You can put additional load, as well as check your remaining balance, in the many ticket vending machines in every subway station. Just press the button with the T-Money logo and prepare at least 500 KRW for the initial load. Aside from the subway, you can also reload your card in newsstands near the bus stops or in convenience stores bearing the T-Money logo.



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Cashless Payments

As stated above, you can load as much as 500,000 KRW in your T-Money card. If you’re the type who prefer not bringing a huge amount of cash around, then load up your T-Money card and use it for cashless payments at convenience stores, vending machines, and other establishments that accept the T-Money card.

As an added perk, the card has no expiration date, and the load can last up to five years. So if you have plans of returning to South Korea within the next five years, you can still use the remaining load on your next visit.



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Have It Delivered Before Your Trip

If you’re purchasing your T-Money card from KKday, you can have it delivered to your place of origin even before flying to South Korea. No need to get one when you arrive at the airport, as you’re all set to explore the country with your card in hand. It’s an added convenience to KKday customers!

So if you’re coming from Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, or Taiwan, then you have the option of having the T-Money card delivered to the airport or straight at your doorstep.



Now that you’re familiar with the T-Money card, don’t miss the chance of getting exclusive discounts and special offers when you book with KKday!