Your Guide To Japan Airport Transfers

Whether coming from Kansai, Haneda, Chitose, or Narita airport, getting to your final destination in Japan without any hassle or inconvenience will give your trip a great start. And while taking the train or other means of public transport is a good option to get to the city center, you can always go for an even smoother ride with airport transfers.

If you haven’t tried this means of transfer yet and are curious on how it works and how you can avail of this service, here’s our handy guide for some basic information, as well as the Japan airports that cater this service.



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Booking your Japan airport transfer is easy, especially if you’re going to course it through online platforms like KKday. First, determine which airport you are going to land in by checking the airport code in your plane ticket. If you’re arriving at Narita International Airport, the airport code is NRT. If you’re going to Osaka or nearby prefectures, you’ll most likely book a flight to Kansai International Airport, with airport code KIX.

One-way Private Transfer between Narita International Airport (NRT) and Tokyo
One way Pick up service in Okinawa High quality pick up service from local driver for 4 passengers

Once you know where you’re landing, find the airport transfer link in KKday that has a pickup in your airport. You will find all the important details you need to know about your chosen airport transfer.



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Choosing Your Vehicle

After determining where you will be picked up, the next step is to choose the type of vehicle that will best suit your needs.

There are various options when it comes to the type of vehicle, and it will depend on the number of passengers and luggage. Other airport transfers, like that from Hokkaido’s Chitose Airport (CTS) to Sapporo city center, only offer one type of vehicle. Make sure to review the details before booking to avoid any inconvenience to both parties.

One-Way Private Transfer: New Chitose Airport (CTS) – Sapporo



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Pick Up and Drop Off Process

After finalizing the booking of your preferred airport transfer, it’s time to familiarize yourself with how the pickup and drop off process works. You will most likely receive the instructions in your confirmation email or voucher, but here’s a quick overview on what to expect.

Most, if not all, pickups are done at the arrival area of the airport. Some have specific details on the meet-up point, but if none are given, your driver will be holding up a KKday sign or one with your name written on it for easy identification. Identify yourself to the driver and you will be led to your vehicle.

Flight delays or cancellations are unavoidable and happens without any warning. Should you experience such an incident during your trip, don’t worry because there is a grace period for your driver to wait for you. This is usually pegged at 90 minutes, but if the delay is longer than that, you should inform your driver ahead of time for any flight changes. As much as we want you to be comfortable, not sending any prior notice will be considered as a no-show and the driver will leave after the grace period.

For the drop-off, depending on the service that you availed, you will be dropped at your hotel indicated in the voucher. Any changes should be dealt with prior to arrival to avoid delays or miscommunication.


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By the way, if you are traveling with a child age 6 and below, they are required by Japanese law to use car seats. This might take a slightly bigger space in the vehicle seating, so make sure to include the number of children you are traveling with when you make your booking.



Now that you know the basics of Japan airport transfers, go book one for your next trip!