What to Do On A Rainy Day In Taiwan

Taiwan may be a tropical island, but rainy days are definitely not unheard of here. Tourists need to pack their jackets and umbrellas, especially in Taipei where rain is common. While it’s important to check the forecast before booking flights, sometimes, a sudden downpour could catch you off guard, even on the sunniest of days.

Don’t let the rain put a damper on your vacation and check out KKday’s favorite things to do during a rainy day in Taiwan.


Discover a New Café

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Is there anything better to do during a rainy day than just chill out with a warm brew? Don’t feel guilty about indulging, even on vacation. After all, it’s an even better activity in Taiwan, where there are plenty of quirky cafés to choose from. 

Make your coffee run a fun part of your itinerary by hitting a bunch of cool establishments, from the alpaca haven Oia Café to toilet-themed Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei. Delight in the intricate latte art crafted by the baristas of My Cofi, who are also known for making very realistic horror-themed art on drinks. Or, simply sit down with a good read at a laid-back cafe in the historic Huashan 1914 Creative Park. 



Explore Taipei’s Massive Underground Mall

Yaushi Kwong Laimwoo via Wikimedia Commons

Remember, there’s no need to put sightseeing on pause just because the weather took a turn for the worse. Simply find the hidden underground gems of Taiwan, such as Taipei’s incredible network of underground shops and stores.

Wander through Taipei City Mall, a maze of cool shops set up by individual vendors instead of big chain retailers. While the mall is less polished than the regular malls in the city, it definitely has its own character and charm. 

Plus, the products sold here are much cheaper than you’d expect, so you’d be able to bring home a bigger haul of clothes, anime and gaming products, toys, and more. Once you get tired, you can even seek out a massage from one of the several masseuse shops in the mall.



Sample the Food at the Shilin Market Underground Food Court

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Another great destination during rainy days in Taipei is the underground food court of the Shilin Market, a famous night market in the city. Head to the western section of the market to check out all the scrumptious Taiwanese snacks available at the food court. 

 Taiwan is known for their fantastic street food and Shilin’s underground food court is one of the best places to sample all of them. While you’re waiting for the rain to stop, why not get your fill? Roam the stalls and get every dish that catches your eye, but especially Taiwanese fried chicken, oyster omelet, and stinky tofu, among others!



Check Out a Traditional Tea House

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In most places in Taiwan, there are traditional tea houses that offer a peek at the state’s rich and ancient culture. These small pockets are hidden within the modern world of Taiwan. Not only are these art tea houses an actual memento from the past, but they are also fantastic destinations to take a breath and appreciate the quieter side of the state, even for just a day.

Whether or not it’s raining in Taiwan when you visit, make sure you stop by at least one of these traditional tea houses. Stroll around the tranquil grounds as you sip your oolong tea and enjoy the languid atmosphere. A number of these tea houses even offer activities, such as calligraphy and painting.

Visit A-Mei Tea House with KKday and discover the allure of one of the most famous existing tea houses around.



Relax With a Good Book in a 24-Hour Bookstore

Essolo via Wikimedia Commons

Eslite Bookstore, the only 24-hour bookstore in Taiwan, is a great stop at all hours, but most especially when it’s raining. It’s a true paradise for bookworms with a few floors featuring walls and walls of books. While many of the offerings are in Chinese, there is also a pretty big collection of English titles, so travelers can definitely spend hours browsing the shelves as well. 

Best of all, Eslite is extremely accommodating to guests who just want to hang out and read a book. Pick a good book, find a comfortable seat, and indulge in the cozy weather in one of the best spots in Taiwan for rainy days.


Rainy days are no problem if you know what to do and where to go in Taiwan. Make traveling even easier by renting a private car in Taiwan for your trip.