How To Get To Incheon International Airport From Seoul After Midnight

There are numerous ways you can reach Incheon International Airport from Seoul during the day. You can hop on a limousine bus for a hassle-free and 0-transfer travel from your stop to the airport terminal. You may opt to take the subway train’s airport line. Or board the AREX, which exclusively services people headed to and from the airport. Whatever you choose, you’ll be sure to arrive at Incheon International Airport. 

However, things get trickier at night, especially after midnight. If you have to catch a flight in the wee hours of the morning, you must know that trains and city buses cease operations just a few minutes past 12:00 MN, and you’re seemingly left with less options. But don’t fret! We’ve cracked the easiest way you can reach Incheon International Airport, when the world seems to have stopped in Seoul. 

Enter the Late-Night Airport Bus

Yep, it actually exists, and not a lot of travelers are aware of it, so we’re telling you now that you can skip the lengthy (and expensive) intercity taxi ride and choose this affordable option, instead.

There are two main bus stops, where you can catch the Late-Night Airport Bus. One is situated at Seoul Station (bus number N6001 for Terminal 1 and N6002 for Terminal 2) and the other one is at the Gangnam Express Bus Terminal (bus number N6000 for Terminal 1 and N6002 for Terminal 2). 

via Incheon Airport

Do check which stop is the closest to your accommodation because—as much as we hate to break it to you—you’ll have to take a taxi, if either of the stops is not a few minutes’ walk away from your location. 

On the bright side, the fare wouldn’t cost as much compared to taking a taxi directly to Incheon International Airport. Regular taxis have a flag down rate of 4,600KRW, which is inclusive of the late-night surcharge. 

The buses bound for Terminal 1 at the Seoul Station stop have a 55-minute interval, operating from 12:15 AM to 4:40 AM, while the buses at the Gangnam Express Bus stop have a 50-minute interval, running from 11:50 PM to 4:10 AM. The trip will take about an hour and ten minutes for both options. 

via Incheon Airport

Meanwhile, there are fewer trips headed to Terminal 2, with one trip for each main stop. The bus at Seoul Station departs at 3:00 AM. The bus at the Gangnam Express Bus Terminal, on the other hand, departs at 12:00 MN. The travel time remains the same, except for the bus from Seoul Station as it will make a stop at Terminal 1, making the trip an hour and a half in total.

via Incheon Airport

If you’re wondering about the bus fare, it’s 9,000KRW, which you can pay in cash (paying the exact amount is very much appreciated) or using your T Money card—make sure it’s still charged or loaded before your trip. 

When it comes to essentials, the buses are equipped with Wi-Fi and USB charging outlets, so you can juice up your gadgets, while you sit back and relax (or take a nap) on the bus’ comfy chairs.  

For more information, you can visit Incheon International Airport’s official page for the Late-Night bus Service.