How To Eat Ramen Like A Local

Enjoying a good bowl of ramen is an art in itself. One doesn’t simply order the world-famous noodle soup dish, slurp down the broth and noodles till the bowl is empty, and call it a meal. Unbeknownst to many, eating ramen involves a lot of respect and appreciation to the tradition of this particular culinary standout, especially in Japan.

Allow us to break it down for you:


Take In The Ramen’s Aroma

The aroma of ramen is undeniably intoxicating. But, before you dig in, don’t forget to take a good sniff of it first, as this will help you savor its flavor better.  



Pick Just A Few Noodles

We know how tempting ramen can be, but it’s important to set a pace when eating it. Do not pick too many noodles at once because it makes it difficult to wrap it around your chopsticks neatly. You might even make a mess if the noodles and toppings slip back into the bowl if you’re not being careful. Eat smaller and more manageable portions at a time to make things easier for you. 



Eat Your Ramen With Egg

Any good ramen needs an egg, and if you’re eating it without one, then you’re not eating it right. The yolk enriches the ramen broth for a better gastronomic experience.     



Don’t Go Crazy With The Toppings

Seaweed, eggs, corn, spicy miso and other toppings are readily available in most ramen houses. Which toppings should I get and which ones should I pass on? A clear favorite is the soft-boiled eggs known as tamago. Every bowl of ramen has its unique flavor, and carelessly adding toppings may destroy its original flavor. Instead, try asking the server or chef for recommendations on toppings. Try tasting the ramen first as it is before ordering any add-ons to help you decide what are the appropriate toppings.       



Try To Eat The Noodles And Taste The Broth Separately First

If you’re having trouble deciding whether to eat the noodles or taste the broth first, just go for what you want. Try to sip the broth and taste the noodles separately to understand the complexities of the flavors that make up the ramen, and then try them both together to so you know how the ingredients complement each other in the dish. 



Don’t Forget To Slurp 

In western societies, mothers discourage slurping on noodles or making noises as you eat. Ramen houses encourage the slurping of noodles because it allows you to inhale the aroma of both the soup and noodles as the taste fills your mouth with joy. People can detect taste not just with their taste buds but also with their sense of smell. Slurping noodles allows you to combine the two senses as you feast on your bowl of ramen. It’s also a way to cool the food as you take it in. 





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