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7 Tips to Score Seat Sale Tickets

Kickstart your next adventure by nabbing airplane tickets at a low, low price. By going for dirt-cheap seat sale tickets, you can hit everything on your bucket list, whether you want to swim with whale sharks in the Philippines, trek the Great Wall of China, or go off the grid camping in the Grand Canyon.

 Of course, limited seats on the airplane mean that you’re racing against every other traveler in the world every time a seat sale or travel deal pops up. If it feels as if you’re constantly missing out on the cheapest flights, here are 7 smart and creative hacks to help you boost your luck.


Plan Ahead

Map out your plans at the start of the year and know exactly what destinations and travel dates you’re aiming for. This way, you can book instantly and beat everyone else the moment an airline announces an unexpected seat sale or promo.

 If you’re traveling with family and friends, make sure you’ve all agreed on your travel goals ahead of time. Collect everyone’s personal information ahead of time, so you don’t waste precious time on the day of booking.



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But Be Flexible

Seasoned travelers know the importance of being adaptable on the road and it goes with booking flights as well. Make your travel plans flexible, so you can adjust to get the cheapest seats available.

 For instance, if your heart is set on Paris, skip the summer months, Christmas and New Year. Travel deals are unlikely to offer flights during these times. Instead, visit the city during their off-peak season in November, January, and February. 

Be open to traveling on early morning, late-night, and weekday flights as these tickets are often a great deal cheaper and available during seat sales. Sometimes, even a single day can spell a huge difference in ticket prices.



Get to Know Budget Carriers

Low-cost airlines can shuttle you to most destinations around the world for a fraction of the price of premium airlines. Fly on these discount carriers and discover how far you can travel on a crazy low budget. Not only are their tickets significantly more economical, but these airlines also offer great travel deals!

AirAsia is known for its unbelievably cheap airline tickets throughout Asia and Australia, while Southwest Airlines are always an affordable choice for travelers visiting North America. Scoot, a low-cost subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, offers flights to 67 destinations, including a growing number of cities in Europe.



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Follow Official Airline Accounts on Social Media

 Many airlines release teasers of seat sales or even announce unexpected promos on social media. Make sure you’re in the loop by following them on all their social media channels. Set up an alert anytime your favorite air carrier makes a post, so you’re always tipped off early.



Be Extra Alert on Holidays

 While airlines enjoy dropping their seat sales unexpectedly, a lot of companies take advantage of the marketing opportunity and offer cheaper flights on holidays. Keep an eye out for promos during Christmas, New Year, Labor Day, Valentine’s Day, and other special occasions.



Compare Prices Across Different Travel Platforms

Whether you’re buying your airplane directly from the carrier or using a third-party booking website, it’s always best to check across various portals to find the cheapest ticket options at the moment.

Skyscanner and Google Flights are excellent places to start, showing travelers the prices of flights up to a year in advance. Another great choice is Momondo, which expert travelers hail as being extremely comprehensive. There are also third-party websites focused on finding the best travel deals, such as The Flight Deal and Secret Flying.



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Explore Various Routes to Your Destination

Sure, a direct flight may be convenient, but it could be cheaper—and sometimes even more fun—to opt for a roundabout way to get to your destination.

If you’re in no rush, check to see there’s a connecting flight offered at a bargain. Two connecting flights purchased during a seat sale might take you to your dream destination at a considerably better price. Booking connecting flights on different carriers might also save you a good chunk of cash.