Scares, Thrills, And Excitement Await You At Universal Surprise Halloween 2019

Universal Studios Japan Halloween

Universal Studios Japan is bringing back its annual celebration of scares—Universal Surprise Halloween!

This year, the event will open on September 6 and will last up until November 4 to thrill guests with a record number of Halloween-inspired attractions and experiences throughout the park. 

Universal Studios Japan’s fright-fest will be presented through a variety of sub-events and attractions under three themes, namely “Halloween Horror Nights: Screaming Halloween,” “Otona Halloween,” and “Kowa Kowa Halloween” that young and old alike will absolutely enjoy.

Check out the highlights here:

Halloween Horror Nights: Screaming Halloween

Let’s start with the scariest one out of three, shall we? Halloween Horror Nights: Screaming Halloween will have the most terrifying attractions representative of the macabre season that will make you scream in both excitement and terror. 

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Street Zombies

Overcome your fears and walk the zombie-infested streets of the park! Watch out for ravenous fat zombies, swashbuckling pirate-zombies, and other never-before-seen monsters!

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Zombie de Dance

Zombies sure know how to party, too, and you can witness their sick moves during Zombie de Dance, an upgraded production of Universal Surprise Halloween’s Zombie Festival in Hell!

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Biohazard: The Extreme

Put your game face on and challenge yourself to survive this virus-ravaged horror maze inspired by Biohazard RE:2 (Resident Evil 2)! 

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Area 51 – Unidentified Encounter

Fight for your life against unidentified objects and horrors through an alien-invaded dimension that’s just out-of this world!

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Space Fantasy – The Ride: Black Hole

Escape the terrifying pitch black darkness of a black hole while riding a  vehicle that will send you spinning at incredible speeds!

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Sadako: The Cursed Attraction

From the Japanese classic scary flick comes a theater attraction that takes the cinematic experience higher up by a blood-curling notch with a series of strange mishaps and spine-tingling occurrences.

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Cult of Chucky: Chucky’s Hospital Ward of Madness

The world of terror’s infamous doll is back to attack, slice, and dissect patients in a doomed hospital ward. Try to escape his brutality and scream if you must!


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Otona Halloween

It’s horror meets high-fashion for Otona Halloween, a theme that promises an impeccably stylish, sophisticated, and hauntingly beautiful experience this season of ghouls. 

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Hotel Albert II – Requiem

Enter a decaying luxury hotel, where characters will welcome you and sweep you to a mystery. While you’re at it, enjoy a specialty cocktail in a posh lounge and have a commemorative photo taken by a professional. 

via Universal Studios Japan

Blood Legend

Sneak a peek into the lives of vampires, as they search for human blood to quench their thirst. 

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Park Side Grill: Cursed Rose Banquet

This adults-only restaurant invites you to a dinner party and feast of flavors in a restaurant managed by a deceased mistress.  

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Otona Halloween Area: The Cursed Rose Garden

Step into a mysterious and eerily beautiful garden labyrinth overgrowing with dark red roses. Wander through the area with a bloody past and meet Death himself. 


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Kowa Kowa Halloween

If you’ve had enough of the terrifying stuff, you can always experience Kowa Kowa Halloween’s kid-friendly surprises featuring the Minions, Sesame Street, and other well-loved characters!

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Festa de Parade

Get caught up in a grand festival and bathe in colorful confetti and bubbles as floats from around the world pass you by, bringing lively music and dances. 

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Happy Trick or Treat

This is what trick-or-treating dreams are made of! Sing and dance with your favorite park characters dressed up in Kowa Kowa Halloween costumes and catch as many sweets as you can, as they rain down from the sky!

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Itazura Street

Cheap thrills and tricks are what make Itazura Street awesome. Help the entertainers play tricks…or get tricks played on you! Trust us when we say that this interactive area will keep you amused!

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Wonderland Season Joy: Halloween Version

Meet your favorite characters dressed in scary-cute costumes at this evening ball full of fun and surprises!

For more information, head on over to Universal Studios Japan’s official Universal Surprise Halloween web page.

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