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AsiaYo Wants To Help You Book The Best Accommodations In Japan, Taiwan, And Hong Kong

We all have our own reasons for why we travel. Some see it as a reward for their hard work while some prefer to do it simply for the love of discovering and experiencing different cultures. Whatever your reasons may be, one of the best ways to make your travel more memorable is to have a place to stay where you can chill and recharge. 

Say hello to AsiaYo, an online booking platform, that’s on a mission to help you score the best accommodations in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other Asian countries. AsiaYo is a Taiwan-based company that started to operate on March 2014. It is guided with the goal of helping “travelers experience a sense of wonder and enthusiasm…by providing the most complete customer care for any room booking service.” 

Let us walk you through how AsiaYo can help you book the best accommodations in Asia. 

It Has Over 60,000 Listings 

You’ll surely find a space that best suits your budget through AsiaYo’s wide selection of room accommodations. It features more than 60,000 listings to choose from that covers around 60 cities in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and Thailand. 

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Choose The Room That Best Suit You

Save time and narrow down your hunt for a place to stay through AsiaYo’s straightforward and user-friendly booking website. From its homepage, you can already select which country you are visiting and view the corresponding available rooms. This online booking platform also allows you to set filters such as the following: (1) price range, (2) guest rating, (3) early check-in option, (4) instant booking, (5) room type, among others.

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Multilingual Customer Support Service 

The multilingual customer support service is one of the things that AsiaYo is proud of. With this service, AsiaYo ensures that language differences will not be a hindrance in communicating with the accommodation’s host. The company’s multilingual customer support service is available through several channels such as Line, Facebook, WeChat, and AsiaYo’s own hotlines.

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Driven To Help Travelers

AsiaYo is a platform that intends to help travelers by providing accommodations that will give you a bang for your every buck. This company wants travelers to experience the “most complete care for any room booking service.” AsiaYo allows you to save time and money to make your travel hassle-free. Its platform also provides reviews from previous guests, which is a helpful way to know more about the room you’re eyeing to book. 

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