24 Hours In Hoi An, Vietnam

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are the top-of-mind destinations of tourists visiting beautiful Vietnam. But if you want to do a day trip in a nearby place, where the country’s rich history is heavily reflected in its architecture and everyday life, then head to Hoi An.

Located some 30 kilometers from the city of Da Nang, the city of Hoi An has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With this, it has retained its old world charm, attracting thousands of tourists everyday. It’s a far cry from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, which makes it a perfect getaway spot for those who want a different atmosphere even for just a day.

If you plan to visit Hoi An for only 24 hours, here are some activities that you can try to make the most out of your trip:


Catch the Famous Hoi An Sunrise

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Start your day early and make it extra special by catching the beautiful Hoi An sunrise by the Thu Bon river. As early as 5:00 AM, locals would make their way to the beach or the river to swim or exercise. Once you’re done chasing the spectacular sunrise, you can observe the local way of life while having some authentic Vietnamese breakfast and coffee.

For a hassle free experience, book a sunrise tour with KKday. It is a five-hour activity that will take you around Thu Bon river on a boat.

Book: 5-hour tour: Hoi An Sunrise



Feast On Vietnamese Dishes

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What better way to know about Hoi An than by having a taste of its local delicacies? Wander around town and grab a bite from street vendors selling their specialties. Satisfy your hunger with banh mi and Hoi An coffee while walking, or get a seat and wolf down on some Cao Lau and white rose dumplings.

To maximize your short stay in Hoi An, join a walking food tour with KKday. Walk around the ancient town with an English speaking guide for three to four hours and sample the different cuisines of central Vietnam.

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Go Sightseeing Around The Ancient City

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Burn all those calories from eating by checking out the historical sights in this ancient city. Explore temples and museums, as well as the famous bridges and markets. You can also try silk weaving and learn about sericulture, or watch Vietnam’s largest outdoor visual arts performance, the Hoi An Memories Show. Other choices are a river basket boat tour along the Hoi An River and a bike tour in the countryside.

Hoi An Half-Day Tour: Japanese Covered Bridge & Hoi An Market
Half-day Tour in Hoi An Ancient Town: Discover Silk Clothes Producing Process

Hoi An Memories Show
Hoi An River Basket Boat Tour
Hoi An Bike Tour Farming – Private Tour



Join A Cooking Class

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Now, if you enjoyed the local cuisine so much, why not try replicating them for when you come back home? Learn how to prepare authentic dishes from Hoi An by joining a culinary class. This hands-on activity will take you beyond the kitchen, as you will be going to the market to pick ingredients, crossing the river via a bamboo boat, and riding a buffalo-driven cart.

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Enroll In A Lantern Making Workshop

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Hoi An is known for its paper lanterns that transform it into a postcard-perfect destination. You can learn how to make the city’s signature ornament by enrolling in a lantern-making workshop, where you will work with a professional lantern maker.

Book this one-hour basic course with KKday, and once you’re done with the basics, you can sign up for the advanced lantern making course which lasts for 2.5 hours.

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Try an activity or two from this list to make the most of your one-day stay in Hoi An. Book them with KKday to get exclusive discounts