Stunning Heritage Sites You Can Visit In Vietnam

For a good dose of culture, we will take a tour of the lovely heritage sites found in the magnificent country of Vietnam.  


Hoi An 

The location is the perfect place for a food trip because of the diverse selections of food. Japanese, Portuguese, and Chinese food can all be found in this wonderful place. If you’re looking for souvenirs, then the river is lined with shophouses to help you find what you’re looking for. 

At night, you can relax in An Hoi Islet, as the riverfront is lined with bars perfect for a cool drink and an amazing dinner. This ancient city truly has something for everybody!    

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This gorgeous city is wedged between Hoi An and Hanoi. It is a magnificent heritage site because of the Imperial City and tombs that look more like palaces.

One of the best attractions this place has to offer is the Citadel. This fortress was once the core of the last imperial dynasty of Vietnam. A palace built for an emperor, it’s filled with intricately designed gates, temples and courtyards even the moat outside is full of beautiful water lilies.  

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Khai Dinh’s Royal Tomb

This tomb is unique compared to the other tombs because it was designed to be difficult to reach. The tomb was built on the side of a mountain. Once you reach the tomb, you must climb 127 steps just to get to the actual resting place of the monarch. 

From the distance, it looks like an imposing gray structure made with wrought iron and concrete, but it’s also wired with electricity, making it one of the most modern tombs in history. If you’re looking for a great workout, this place is for you. 



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My Son

The My Son Sanctuary was once the religious and political center for the capital of Champa. This beautiful sanctuary is located inside an elevated geological basin and surrounded by mountains. It has over 70 structures made to honor Hindu gods and goddesses. 

The site suffered heavy bombing during World War 2 and left many of the structures damaged. Thankfully, the remaining towers were repaired and restored to give us this breathtaking site.

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At the end of the day, heritage sites are some of the best places a country offer. They teach us about culture and show us how far civilization has come. The places are all the amazing feats done by those who came before. It’s not always easy to book a tour to these places, but KKday is here to help. 

Have a nice trip!