Your Guide To Yangmingshan National Park

Taipei may be a bustling metropolis that thrives in modern technology, but look beyond its advancements and you will find large patches of greenery that have been preserved as national parks.

One such national park that is frequented by both tourists and locals is Yangmingshan National Park in the north of Beitou, a short ride from downtown Taipei. As the capital city’s only national park, it provides a much-needed outdoor experience for those who want a quick escape from their busy lives. For tourists, Yangmingshan National Park is a breath of fresh air from all the shopping and sightseeing in Taipei. The park’s hiking trails, interesting flora and fauna, and world-famous hot springs make it a must-visit destination when traveling to Taipei.

Before planning your trip to Yangmingshan National Park, it is best to know how to get there and what to expect from the place. Check out this quick guide to this beautiful nature spot.



How to get there

Yangmingshan National Park is accessible by public transportation, as it has its own bus terminal, Yangmingshan station. You can take the train until Jiantan station, then take the S15 or S17 bus that will bring you to Yangmingshan station in less than an hour.

For a more convenient transfer, you can book a private vehicle with KKday to take you to Yangmingshan National Park from your hotel in Taipei. The vehicle rental is for six hours, but you can choose your preferred starting time.



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What to bring

Admission is free in Yangmingshan National Park. If you plan to hike up the mountain trails, make sure to bring plenty of water, snacks, sunscreen, and insect repellent especially during the summer months. It can also be windy there, so bringing a windbreaker or light jacket will help you fight the cold air. There are cafes and convenience stores nearby, so you can get something to eat or drink if you are spending an entire day there. Moreover, make sure to have these Taiwan travel essentials with you, too.



Yang Ming Park

Yang Ming Park is the nearest stop from the main bus terminal, around a 30-minute walk. It may seem long at first, but you will be treated to a breathtaking landscape full of flowers that you will forget you walked two kilometers. The popular Flower Clock, one of the most photographed landmarks in the park, can be found here as well.



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Mount Qixing

Mt. Qixing, or Seven Stars Mountain, is the park’s highest peak. It is a popular hiking trail among visitors, as it offers a scenic view of downtown Taipei. It is an established trail that is 2.5 kilometers long, so make sure you are ready to get flex those leg muscles along the way.




If hiking isn’t your thing, you can still get a view of the grasslands without breaking a sweat by dropping by Qingtiangang. This grassland trail also serves as a cattle farm, and you will see some cows roaming around freely in this area.




Lengshuikeng serves as a resting spot for those who hiked Mt. Qixing or anyone who did a lot of walking around Yangmingshan National Park. Aside from a small cafe, this is also where you will find both indoor and outdoor hot springs. Nothing feels better than dipping your aching feet in the foot-soaking area.



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If you are keen on checking out where the natural vents and sulfur deposits of the park are located, then head to Xiaoyoukeng. It is a dormant volcano, but many still walk along its trail because it is an incredibly scenic spot, thanks to the unique terrain naturally formed by volcanic activities.


These spots in Yangmingshan National Park are worth the trip, so don’t miss them out and the rest of the attractions on your next visit to Taipei.