8 Experiences You’ll Love At Kadayawan Festival

Celebrating life, Davao’s “Kadayawan Festival” jubilates on the blessings of nature and tranquil living. Every third week of August, the entire city expresses its gratitude for an auspicious harvest. Although, the mood of revelry lasts the entire month. 

As one of the Philippines’ representative fiestas, “Kadayawan Festival” takes the local friendly greeting “Madayaw,” derived from the Davaoeño word “dayaw,” to wish all good things to those celebrating it.

Davao, situated in the Southern part of the Philippines, is home to the country’s highest peak, Mt. Apo. Impressive parks, nature havens, and pristine beaches abound the urban city that has preserved its picturesque scenery while hoisting its modern attractions.

It has also maintained cultural celebrations as essential activities to promote unity for its 11 tribes. Hence, local merrymakings of varied concepts flourish greatly in the city. “Kadayawan Festival” is a sweet testament to Davao’s firm drive of preserving its heritage.

Lifted by a joyful mood, events featuring Davao’s rich local culture make the festival a must-experience for locals and tourists alike. Here are some highlights that you should check out when you head on to experience the “Kadayawan Festival” and the city of Davao.



Feel The Groove At Indak Indak Sa Kadalanan

Taking pride of their ingenuity, Davaoeños go all-out in brandishing fiesta highlights that include ethnic dance performances. The street dance competition features dazzling street dance showcases, with dancers clad in elaborate costumes that represent Davao’s 11 tribes.

Exhibiting remarkable dance routines with intricately-designed props, “Indak Indak sa Kadalanan” is a feast of sights and sounds that leaves you in awe.



Marvel At The Blooming Spectacle That Is The Floral Float Parade

The Floral Float Parade or “Pamulak sa Kadalanan” follows the upbeat mood of the Kadayawan’s harvest festival. Adorned with flower arrangements, greeneries, and livestock replicas, the floats are an amazing display of the Davaoeños’ creativity.



via City Government of Davao


Indulge On Davao’s Famous Durian

Dubbed as the “durian capital of the Philippines,” you can chomp on the delicious exotic fruit while feeling the bustling energy of the festivity. Aside from trying a durian buffet, cafes and restaurants also create desserts for festival-goers to feast on. Durian-flavored refreshments in hot or cold can also be enjoyed. 

Additionally, seasonal fruits such as mangosteen, lanzones, and rambutan are in abundance so have a taste of them or you can even take home some!



Shop And Explore Exhibits Housed In The Kadayawan Agri-Trade Fair

For green thumbs and plant lovers, check out exhibits at the Kadayawan Agri-Trade Fair. Various fruits and crops, plants and furniture are set up in commercial stalls for visitors to purchase.

Handicrafts, accessories and colorful malong (traditional clothing) are also up for grabs in the local market.



via City Government of Davao



Embark On A Gastronomic Adventure a la Kadayawan

Running out of something to eat is unlikely to happen during the festival. Take advantage of the mouth-watering local dishes and specialties from restaurants and street food strips in the city. You may go to Roxas Avenue Night Market for amazing Filipino food treats and great retail therapy experience.



Immerse On Davao’s Ethnic Origin At Kadayawan Village

A step inside Kadayawan village gives the visitor a glimpse of the thriving culture of the 11 tribes of Davao. Each tribe has distinct identities, ways of living, and dwellings—others work on the land, while others work in the sea; there are also traders and artisans.



via City Government of Davao



Take Part In “Dula and Sayaw Kadayawan”

Prepare to experience a fascinating experiential activity by engaging with the local tribes through their unique games. Afterward, witness a program highlighting the traditions and folklore of the 11 tribes through creative dances.



Take A Side Trip to Davao’s Best Attractions

If you still have time, you can visit popular attractions such as People’s Park and Eden Nature Park for a calming nature break. Get a closer encounter with crocodiles at Davao Crocodile Park and Philippine Eagles at the Philippine Eagle Center.