Best Souvenirs You Can Buy In Vietnam

When traveling to any place, one of the best parts of the trip is shopping for souvenirs to remember the places we visited, and, of course, to give as gifts to our loved ones back home. Choosing items from the plethora of souvenirs can get quite overwhelming at times, though, so we rounded up a shopping list for when you travel to beautiful Vietnam:



Áo Dài

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This colorful and vibrant traditional Vietnamese garment is inspired by the Imperial Chinese clothing known as the Cheongsam. The áo dài is recognized as the national costume for both genders in Vietnam. The women’s version is a tight-fit dress to accentuate a woman’s curves and is made to be worn over long pants. In modern times, these outfits are made to be worn for special occasions such as weddings, graduations, and festivals. 



Nón Lá

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These hats are fondly called leaf hats or nón lá. It is a known symbol of Vietnam and can be seen in various artworks that date as far back as 3,000 years ago. Back in the day, these hats were worn by farmers and boatmen. Today, conical hats are still widely worn in Vietnam at any weather condition—come rain or shine. Made with indigenous materials like palm leaves and bamboo, the hats are sometimes adorned with different designs.  



Paper Fans

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Paper fans play a significant role in the everyday lives of the Vietnamese. In fact, creating fans was considered an art in itself, so much so that in ancient times, fans were considered a luxury item. These lightweight fans are made with bamboo for the frame and handle, then silk or paper for the leaf. Given Vietnam’s generally tropical climate, locals commonly use fans to cool off, but they also use fans to decorate their homes, especially the bigger ones that feature calligraphy or paintings of the country’s most scenic views.



Hand-Embroidered Items

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Embroidery is a prized art form and tradition perfected and passed down for over 700 years, and the Vietnamese sure are good at it. From a young age, Vietnamese girls are taught how to hand stitch dainty details on products such as handkerchiefs, pillowcases, and table cloths. The amazing craftsmanship of their embroidered products makes them great souvenirs, and there are a lot to choose from—bedsheets, quilts, napkins, placemats, cosmetic bags, and more! 



Guốc Mộc

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Guốc Mộc, also known as wooden clogs, are the traditional footwear in Vietnam. These clogs have been a staple in Vietnamese culture for at least a thousand years. Wooden clogs have been used even before fabric and leather footwears became popular. The best thing about this type of footwear is how it suits the hot and humid weather of Vietnam and other tropical places. Nowadays, these wooden clogs are used for performing arts or fashion shows. They are made with a variety of colors and designs to suit both genders. 



Vietnamese Rickshaw Experience in Hanoi

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