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5 Visa-Free Destinations Pinoys Will Love

Traveling is one of the most fulfilling things in the world to do, but the hassle of getting a visa can sometimes put a damper on things. Luckily, there are more than 60 countries Filipinos can visit without having to expend extra effort, time, and money for a visa. Beyond the obvious choices, here are five of our favorite visa-free destinations to put on your bucket list:




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Known as the gateway to Africa, Morocco is an exotic world starkly different from the Philippines. Follow in the footsteps of the nomadic people and explore this massive country, the home of ancient cities, endless deserts, and markets bursting with color and activity.

Morocco offers a range of unforgettable travel experiences, from riding a gentle camel to witnessing the ancient clay houses at UNESCO World Heritage Site Ait Benhaddou. Explore the old city of Marrakech to delight in the snake charmers, sweet talking vendors, belly dancers, and more. Journey to the Sahara Dunes, the most tourist-friendly part of the Sahara.

Maximum stay: 90 days



Costa Rica

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Be amazed by the sheer beauty of Costa Rica’s rugged natural landscape—from impossibly blue beaches to lush rainforests. It’s not a very big country, but the paradise is packed with life, containing five percent of the world’s biodiversity.

Costa Rica is the dream destination of outdoor lovers, whether you prefer catching a wave at Tamarindo Beach or hiking the Arenal volcano. Trek through the mountains and forests to encounter all kinds of animals, including sloths, monkeys, and a great variety of birds. Let KKday be your guide, as you take on the adventure of a lifetime in Central America.

Maximum stay: 30 days, but could be extended to 90 days




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Whether you’re in the middle of white sand beaches, Amazon rainforests, or popular night clubs, it’s impossible not to be charmed by the electrifying energy of Brazil. It’s a large country—both in size and personality—with locals who are fun-loving, passionate, and friendly. Let yourself get swept up by the country’s exciting spirit when you’re here!

Visit or embark on a helicopter tour of Rio de Janeiro a.k.a. Brazil’s beating heart, where the iconic 98-foot Jesus Christ statue rises to the sky from Mount Corcovado. Hit Ipanema Beach or Copacabana Beach, then venture out at night to explore the vibrant nightlife of the country. Like Costa Rica, Brazil is also known for its biodiversity, with countless interesting species thriving in the country, such as pink dolphins, toucans, capybaras, and more.

Maximum stay: 90 days




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Relatively closer to the Philippines than the other entries on this list, Thailand is a good option for quick vacations and long weekends. Skip Bangkok this time and head towards Chiang Mai, a stunning mountainous city in the northwestern part of Thailand. Explore the city’s expansive collection of sacred temples, such as Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. Book a fun bike tour or reserve a private charter tour with KKday for a smoother, more educational experience.

Aside from the temples, you can’t visit Chiang Mai without stopping by an elephant sanctuary. Get to know these majestic animals, but research ahead of time to make sure you’re choosing a sanctuary with humane and sustainable practices.

Maximum stay: 30 days




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Ready for an adventure? Mongolia is waiting and absolutely visa-free! The country is vast and remote with one of the lowest populations in the world, so travelers can truly feel unplugged from the rest of the world in this rugged Asian destination. 

Immerse yourself in Mongolia’s famous nomadic culture and explore the awe-inspiring wilderness, from the wide expanse of countryside to the imposing mountains. Visit the country’s two popular national parks to go hiking, rock climbing, fishing, horse riding, and more. If you have the time, embark on a multi-day tour of the Gobi Desert or book a day tour of the “mini Gobi” in Ulaanbaatar.  

Maximum stay: 21 days