Quirky Museums You Can Visit In South Korea

To many, South Korea is best known for two things—K-Pop and K-Dramas. So it’s no wonder why most itineraries crafted for a trip to this vibrant Asian destination include a lot of popular filming sites, entertainment agencies’ offices, and specialty shops. But here’s the thing: South Korea is also brimming with fun and quirky museums that challenge the thought that these establishments made for edutainment are boring. Check out some of them on your visit:


Seoul Figure Museum

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If you are a toy collector, then a stop at the Seoul Figure Museum is a must! This toy haven has six themed areas that showcase rare figures that will make any hobbyist’s heart leap out of joy. Check out the Superhero Gallery for your favorite childhood heroes, then head on over to the Anti-Hero exhibit to meet their foes.


Seoul Love Museum

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Feeling naughty? This quirky and kinky museum in Seoul showcases erotic art, complete with risqué attractions and installations, including Erotic Garden, Dream House, and Sex Life. Be part of massive 3D pictures that feature sexy scenarios or take a step back in history and sneak a peek into the Joseon era’s paintings that depict human desire. Needless to say, this museum is for adults only!


Teddy Bear Museum

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This museum showcases exactly what its name suggests—teddy bears. Lots and lots of teddy bears that come in various shapes and sizes, dressed in different national costumes, as K-Drama characters, as iconic paintings (try to find the Mona Lisa teddy bear!), and more! It also features an outdoor park that will treat you to a breathtaking view of the Jungmun Sea. 


Busan Museum of Movies

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Movie geeks, if you ever find yourselves in Busan, this one’s for you! At the Busan Museum of Movies, you can get a first-hand experience of the different aspects of filmmaking and the world of cinema’s rich history. This museum is also decked with a green-screen room that might as well be a playground as well as high-quality VR movies that range from dinosaur to zombie flicks. 


Yangpyeong Retro Museum

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Take a stroll down memory lane, and play various traditional street and sideshow games from the yesteryears at this retro-themed museum that will walk you through South Korea’s storied ‘70s-‘80s era. To completely slip into the nostalgic mood, feel free to try on vintage school uniforms then munch on classic Korean snacks.