Unique Tours You Can Take In Japan

Japan is a country awash with all things fascinating and unique—from futuristic toilets to quirky restaurant concepts. So it doesn’t surprise us that this top travel destination in Asia also offers a plethora of unique tours to visitors. Here, we rounded up a list of once-in-a-lifetime kind of tours you can take in Japan:


Helicopter Tour

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Why settle for the usual when you can take your tour to another level—literally? This helicopter tour will treat you to sweeping bird’s eye views of bustling Osaka. Take the flight at day or night—it doesn’t matter. The city looks beautiful at any time of the day.



Snorkeling Tour

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Snorkeling may not be the first thing that comes to mind when Japan is mentioned, but that doesn’t mean it’s an activity you can’t do on your trip to the Land of the Rising Sun! If you love the sun and the sea, get ready to dive into the cool waters surrounding Miyako Island in Okinawa Prefecture and have a glimpse of its vibrant marine life. 



Wild And Wacky Night Tour

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For lovers of anime and Japanese pop, this tour is for you! Led by a local, who knows the ins and outs of Osaka’s wildest and wackiest spots, this excursion will take you to the hidden gems of the city that are not as touristy. This tour will also give you a first-hand and authentic experience of Japan’s colorful pop culture. Go gaga over manga, cosplay, and, of course, delicious Japanese specialties in the company of fellow fans.



Rickshaw Tour

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Bicycle and walking tours too basic for you? Take a trip down the historic district of Asakusa on a traditional rickshaw. With 30 to 120-minute ride options, this tour presents you with three routes that include heritage sites such as Kaminarimon Gate and Shrine, Matsuchiyama Shoden Temple, and more! 



Pub Crawl and Izakaya Tour

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Sneak a peek into Japan’s lively drinking culture by joining this pub crawl and izakaya tour. Chug down some beers at Dojo, a popular waterhole in the city, for a start before heading out to other bars and restaurants where you can enjoy good food and drinks while live music plays in the background. Make sure to bring your ID—the establishments will be sure to check your age!